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General Information
Creator Ben 10,000
User Ben 10,000
Type Gauntlets
DNA Alterer/Fuser
First Appearance Ben Again

The Biomnitrix is the Omnitrix system that Ben 10,000 developed in the future.[1]


The Biomnitrix are two Omnitrixes that are linked together, thus allowing the user to perform alien fusions by slamming the two gauntlets together. The original Omnitrix cannot do this without removing its faceplate. By using just one gauntlet, the user can transform into normal aliens.[2]

It can be voice-controlled, as Ben 10,000 shouted the names of his aliens shortly before transforming, and he didn't manually select them. Ben 10,000 can also turn into his fused alien forms without actually having to say the name, similar to the Omnitrix's Master Control.


Alien Species 1 Species 2
Atomic-X Celestialsapien Unknown
Big Chuck Gourmand To'kustar
ClockSquatch[3] Chronosapien Gimlinopithecus
Clocktomix[4] Chronosapien Unknown
Crashocker Gimlinopithecus Unknown
Diamond Matter Petrosapien Galvan
Diamondmutt Petrosapien Vulpimancer
Echo Ditto Echo Ditto[5] Sonorosian Splixson
Fourmungousaur Tetramand Vaxasaurian
Frankenhead[6] Petrosapien Transylian
Freak Chill[7] Necrofriggian Ectonurite
Gravadactyl Galilean Unknown
Gutspin[8] Geochelone Aerio Unknown
Heat Jaws Pyronite Piscciss Volann
Humungoopsaur Vaxasaurian Polymorph
Peskmungodust Vaxasaurian Nemuina
Stink Arms Tetramand Lepidopterran
Toe Dust[9] Nemuina Unknown
UpRigg Galvanic Mechamorph Unknown
XLR-Freak Kineceleran Ectonurite
XLRG Kineceleran Prypiatosian-B
XLR-Wolf Kineceleran Loboan


Ben 10: Omniverse


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt,
    • Ben 10,000 created this Biomnitrix with the minds of his smartest aliens, just like Kenny's Omnitrix.
    • No fusions are stored in the Biomnitrix. The aliens are fused by the slamming of both gauntlets together.[10]
    • Azmuth thinks the Biomnitrix is silly, but ultimately he's just relieved that Ben is having fun again.[11]
    • There are currently 2 known fusion concepts that were thought of, but never made it into Omniverse. Those fusions are XLRG and Gravadactyl.[12]
      • XLRG was drawn out.
      • Gravadactyl was just a name on a board that Matt Wayne created.[13]
    • All Way Big fusions are smaller than Way Big, unless he is fused with something of the same size or bigger.[14]
  • When the Biomnitrix times out, the sounds of the original and latest Omnitrixes' respective time-out clips play simultaneously.


Unitrix character Omnitrix1 character Ultimatrix character Omnitrix2 character
Unitrix Omnitrix (Original) Ultimatrix Omnitrix
Omnitrix ken character Biomnitrix character Omnitrix23 character Power Watch character
Omnitrix Replica Biomnitrix Hero Watch Power Watch
Ultimatrix albedo character Nemetrix day Argitrix
Ultimatrix (Recreated) Nemetrix Argitrix

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