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William Theodore "Billy" Billions is a villain in Ben 10.


Billy has black eyes and hair. He wears a red-violet tux and a pink bow tie. His tux has gold buttons at the end of his black sleeves. He has gold pockets. He wears a white shirt under his tuxedo. He wears a gold medal. He has black shorts.


Billy is virtually identical personality wise to his mainstream counterpart. The only key difference is Billy's arrogance comes from his obsession with getting everything he wants.


Billy first appears in Rustbucket RIP. He is seen driving his vehicle since the back seat towards the store where the Platinum Card is. However, XLR8 buys the card before him, much for Billy's anger. In response, Billy steals the Rustbucket, but Wildvine chases him. He is ultimately defeated by Heatblast and grounded by his parents. After getting only a half of the card, Billy swears revenge on Ben sometime.

Powers and Abilities


With a pad, Billy can control a limousine with spider like legs and multiple weapons. He also can send fireproof robots that, however, are vulnerable to water.


Ben 10


  • Billy Billion's logo was on Simon's backpack that transformed into a robotic suit.

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