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Betty Jean Tennyson

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Betty Jean Tennyson
Betty tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Retired Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Plumber Training
Equipment Plumber Weapons
Relatives Gordon Tennyson (husband)
Max Tennyson (brother-in-law)
Vera Tennyson (sister-in-law)
Joel Tennyson (son)
Camille Mann Tennyson (daughter-in-law)
Verdona Tennyson (sister-in-law)
Frank Tennyson (nephew)
Natalie Tennyson (niece)
Carl Tennyson (nephew)
Sandra Tennyson (niece)
Ben Tennyson (great-nephew)
Gwen Tennyson (great-niece)
Kenneth Tennyson (great-nephew)
Sunny (great-niece)
Big Chill's offspring (great-great-nieces/nephews)
Voice Actor B.J Ward
First Appearance Big Fat Alien Wedding

Betty Jean Tennyson is a Plumber who married Gordon Tennyson. She is the mother of Joel Tennyson, who later became a Plumber himself.


In Big Fat Alien Wedding, her son Joel became engaged to a Lenopan, named Camille Mann (a union which would put an end to a decades long feud between the Sludges and the Plumbers). Both she and her husband were against the wedding at first (due to Camille being a Sludgepuppy), but later realized they had treated her unfairly and apologized, accepting Camille as their daughter-in-law.


Ben 10


  • Betty Jean is one of few known female members of the Tennyson family who is a member of the Plumbers.
    • Currently, she, Lucy Mann and Gwen Tennyson are the only known active female Plumbers in the Tennyson family.
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