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Benjamin Franklin

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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
Benjamin Franklin
MAD ben franklin
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations American Revolutionary War
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Deborah Read (wife)
William Franklin (son)
Francis Folger Franklin (son)
Sarah Franklin Bache (daughter)
Alias Ben Franklin
First Appearance Ben 10 Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is one of the founders of the United States of America. He appears in parody of MAD TV referencing the Ben 10 series.


Ben Franklin experiments and encounters the Omnitrix from a bolt of lightning, later using it to win the American Revolutionary War.

Powers and Abilities

Ben Franklin has an Omnitrix, with an arsenal of alien-parodies, the known aliens are:


  • Benjamin's Omnitrix, the prototype Omnitrix, shouldn't contain NRG as NRG was added to the Codom Stream by the Utlimatrix.
  • Each of the aliens Benjamin turned into had his hair and glasses.

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