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The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.
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Ben Tennyson is an alternate version of Ben in Punch Time Explosion.

Punch Time Explosion

Ben hunts down Vilgax, the latter conquers Chowder's Universe. Ben later teams up with other cartoon network characters to hunt down Vilgax throughout other universes. He is the first usable character.

Powers and Abilities

The amount of aliens is equal to that of other Bens. He is an Ultimatrix Wielder, but only one group of aliens are accessible.

  1. Swampfire (standard attack)
  2. Big Chill (up/extra jump attack)
  3. AmpFibian (down attack)
  4. Humungousaur (side attack)
  5. Ultimate Humungousaur (Punch Time Explosion)

Punch Time Explosion XL

In this game, nothing is much different in the story line. However, young Ben Tennyson is available as a playable character, even though he does not appear in the story line.

Young Ben

Young Ben doesn't appear in the story line, but is playable. He costs 1500, which is more than the average character, making him more rare.

Powers and Abilities

His attacks are very similar to teenage Ben's attacks. Like teen Ben, he only has 5 aliens.

  1. Heatblast (up/extra jump attack)
  2. XLR8 (side attack)
  3. Cannonbolt (down attack)
  4. Wildvine (standard attack)
  5. Four Arms (Punch Time Explosion)
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