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Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1

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Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1
Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10 Part 1
General Information
Original broadcast March 9, 2008
Series Ben 10
Season 4
Episode number 47
Overall episode number 47
Written by Thomas Pugsley
Greg Klein
Directed by Sebastian O. Montes III
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Previous episode Ken 10
Next episode Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 2

Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1 is the fiftieth episode of Ben 10.


The Tennysons pick up the grandson of another Plumber named Cooper, who's hitching a ride home with them from summer camp. Meanwhile, a Plumber base at Fort Knox is robbed by the Circus Freaks and Sublimino. By the time the Tennysons find out, they're too late to help, and they discover that the Quadrio ignored the gold in the vault and tore into a underground base, which Max explains as a Plumbers base.

Max explains that there is a Plumber base built into every major military base in the USA. They soon learn of a second robbery at the Seattle Space Needle, another secret Plumber Base. Sadly, they can't get there in time. However, Cooper reveals that by using his extremely proficient technological abilities, he super charged the Rust Bucket's engines, which will allow them to make it in time.

Midway to the base, Cooper realizes that he didn't make super charged brakes to go with the engine and now they're going to run into Seattle at 500 MPH. At this point, Ben as Diamondhead climbs onto the outside of the Rustbucket, creates an anchor and attaches it to the Rust Bucket, forcefully slowing it down.

At this point, the Tennysons discover that this robbery is run by Rojo (having gained a new cybernetic suit), Dr. Animo (who's using a giant mutant bat), Clancy (mutated into a humanoid insect which resembles Stinkfly) and Charmcaster. Grandpa Max discovers that they're searching for the keys to the "Sub Energy", an extremely potent, but unstable, sub-atomic power source (the equivalent to the power of 10 suns being concentrated into the size of a golf ball) given to the Plumbers by an alien race. They lose the second key to the villains, and attempt to intercept them en route to the Mount Rushmore base, where the sub energy is stored. However, they find that the Forever King, joined by a subordinate (a bionic limbed Forever Ninja) and the villains that raided the earlier bases, has beaten them to the base but has yet to gain access. The Forever King dubs his team the Negative 10 and sets them upon the Tennysons.

Major Events

  • Ben and gang meet Cooper.
  • The Negative 10 make their first mission and attack Ben and the gang.




Aliens Used

Spells Used



Gwen: Charmcaster? Is there anybody who doesn't hate us involved in this thing?

Quotes Right


Cooper: And I've always been pretty good with computers and stuff like that.
Gwen: (presenting to Cooper her laptop) Then you'll love this. It's the new XT9000 with satellite uplink. Use it whenever you like.
Ben: (slamming down the laptop) No fair, that's bribery!
Gwen: (pulling out one whole bucket of stuff) Oh, and what do you call this?
Ben: Gwen, we're not all as selfish as you are, some of us enjoy sharing.
Gwen: I'm telling Grandpa!
Ben: That what? You're a big doofus?
Grandpa Max: Ben, get up here.
Gwen: Ooh, busted!
Grandpa Max: You too, Gwen.
(Gwen gasps)

Quotes Right


Driscoll: I find your lack of faith disturbing, Mr. Breath. Or may I call you Acid?

Quotes Right


Gwen: That's Clancy!
Diamondhead: The bug guy? I thought he was gone for good!

Quotes Right


  • Charmcaster's sleeve's original colour
  • Charmcaster's sleeve is miscoloured
  • Charmcaster's ponytail before she moves her head
  • Only the upper portion of Charmcaster's ponytail moves
  • Ben transforming into Diamondhead
  • Ben disappears to the top of the RV
  • If you look closely, when Charmcaster and Gwen are about to face off, the end of Charmcaster's sleeve is purple like normal, but when she waves goodbye before being picked up by Dr. Animo, the end of the sleeve turns pink like the rest of it.
  • When Charmcaster taunts Gwen about not having "taken off the training wheels", she moves her head upward. Note that the lower part of her ponytail falling over her backside does not move as the upper part does, but remains fixed in place.
  • Grandpa Max says Cooper installed an autopilot feature on the rust bucket, but there is one used in the episode Ultimate Weapon.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Brazil) Ben 10 Contra os 10 Negativos: Parte 1 Ben 10 Against the Negative 10: Part 1
Spanish (Latin America) Ben 10 Contra Los 10 Negativos: Parte 1 Ben 10 Against the Negative 10: Part 1
Spanish (Spain) Ben 10 vs. Negativo 10 I Ben 10 vs. Negative 10 I


  • The Tennysons' (plus Cooper) forty-fifth stop is Fort Knox, Washington and Mount Rushmore.
  • This episode is the 2 year celebration of Ben 10.
  • In this episode the Forever King tells Acid Breath that he "Finds his lack of faith disturbing," a quote said by Darth Vader in Star Wars.

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