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The Ben 10 toy line is a toy line produced by Bandai for the Ben 10 animated TV series. The series has sold well and has had good word of mouth from fans of the cartoon. The so far information is provided by Atamaii and gives the information on upcoming Ben 10 toys. There is still unknown information about some of these toys that are soon to be released but we shall have all information when they are released.

Ben 10

4" Alien Collection

The 4" Alien Collection Figures are 4 Inch Action Figures, with 9 points of articulation, they came with a holographic card that told you about their species and home planet, as well as a disc for the omnitrix veiwscope.

Wave 1 - Originals

Toy Release Date Description/Content MSRP ($US) Retailers
Ben 10 Alien Collection - Heatblast 4 Figure (Series 1) Unknown Heatblast Unknown
Fgdfgswsedfg Unknown Diamondhead Unknown
Ben 10 Alien Collection - Four Arms 4 Figure (Series 1) Unknown Four Arms Unknown
Toys - Ben 10 - Wildmutt2 Unknown Wildmutt Unknown
Ben 10 toys Unknown Ripjaws Unknown
Toys Unknown Ghostfreak Unknown
Cannonbolt toy Unknown Cannonbolt Unknown
Ben 10 Alien Collection - Wildvine 4 Figure (Series 1) Unknown Wildvine Unknown
Upchuck23443 Unknown Upchuck Unknown
Ben 10 benwolf toy Unknown Benwolf Unknown
Ben toy Unknown Ben Tennyson Unknown
21z29fopjbL Unknown Kevin Levin Unknown
Ben 10 Alien Collection - Vilgax 4 Figure (Series 1) Unknown Vilgax Unknown
Ben 10 six six toy Unknown Sixsix Unknown
Sdcsdfdsg Unknown Tetrax Unknown

Wave 2 - Battle versions

In wave 2 the cards had stopped being holographic, and had an image of their home planet, while there was no disc for any omnitrix, they came with a base and a card, and the basic gimmick was that you put the card in the base and you were given a code, if you had more than one figure from this wave, you could go to and combine the codes together, so you would get a mixed breed between the species of which the characters came from.

Codes for DNA lab: Used for combining 2 alien forms D.N.A. into a new alien.

  • Heatblast: KENM
  • Wildmutt: BRIC
  • Diamondhead: TAKI
  • XLR8: WJAS
  • Four Arms: NORI
  • Stinkfly: AVAL
  • Upgrade: FUNA
  • Ghostfreak (Evil): RSAM
  • Cannonbolt: SWOR
  • Wildvine: RAME
  • Upchuck: BAFA
  • Benwolf: YPET
  • Benmummy: ANSN
  • Benvicktor: PKMN
  • Gwen as Lucky Girl with Grey matter: MURA
  • Vilgax (Cyber Form) : AKEC

DNA Alien Heroes

The DNA Alien Heroes are 6", usually translucent action figures of Ben's aliens and more.


The Role Play of Ben 10 are special items the owner can play with sets and things that you can wear.

  • Voice Changer Set 1
  • Voice Changer Set 2
  • Omnitrix Set with Punching sounds
  • Omnitrix FX
  • Deluxe Omnitrix
  • Alien lab
  • Vilgax battle ship (translucent Classic Ben exclusive)
  • Omnitrix memory select
  • Ultimatrix roulette wheel


Metamorfigures are 8" Aliens that morph into special items.

  • Cannonbolt (Bowling Ball)
  • Upgrade (Vehicle)
  • Heatblast (Flashlight)
  • Wildmutt (Door Alarm)
  • Grey Matter (binoculars)
  • Benwolf (real working megaphone)
  • Four Arms (Storage Case)
  • Ripjaws (Squirt Gun)

Alien Rocks

(coming soon! only 100 to collect!)

Ben 10: Alien Force

4" Alien Collection


  • Jetray-AICO
  • Goop- NNRS
  • Chromastone-AOKO
  • Swampfire-KMAH
  • Humungousaur-WRES or BX10
  • Spidermonkey-UAIO
  • Brainstorm-AEAI
  • Echo Echo-MTHN
  • Big Chill-RKKH
  • Alien X-OIAA

DNA Alien Heroes

  • Chromastone
  • Swampfire
  • Humungousaur
  • Big Chill
  • Brainstorm
  • Kevin Levin
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Spidermonkey
  • Nanomech
  • Alien X


  • Omnitrix
  • Omnitrix Special Hologram 10-pack with Exclusive Alien X Hologram
  • Omnitrix X10
  • Omnitrix disc viewer 1
  • Omnitrix disc viewer 2
  • Kevin's action cruiser (Metal Kevin exclusive)
  • Max's Rustbucket w/ translucent AF Ben 4" (UK Exclusive)
  • Galvanic gunship (Ship exclusive)

Alien Creation Figures

The Alien Creation figures are a series of characters from the shows that mix up to create thousands of alien combinations.

Ben 10: Alien Force

  • Chromastone
  • Swampfire
  • Jetray
  • Humungousaur
  • Upchuck and Gorvan
  • Echo Echo and Spidermonkey
  • Goop and Big Chill

Ben 10

  • Wildvine and Benwolf
  • Cannonbolt and Eye Guy
  • Heatblast and Wildmutt
  • Four Arms and XLR8
  • Ripjaws and Ghostfreak
  • Stinkfly and Upgrade
  • Benmummy and Benvicktor
  • Ditto and Way Big
  • Diamondhead and Grey Matter

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Mini Creation Chamber Packs

  • Upchuck (Original) and green Heatblast (translucent) in Green storage chamber
  • Alien X and Goop (translucent) in Black storage chamber
  • Ben 10 (AF) and green Swampfire (translucent) in Blue storage chamber
  • Nanomech and green Ben 10 (AF, translucent) in Silver storage chamber
  • Ultimate Humungousaur (translucent) and Rath in Green storage chamber
  • NRG and Amphibian (translucent) in blue storage chamber(coming soon)*Four Arms and Ultimate Cannonbolt (translucent) in orange storage chamber

Alien Rocks

  • Alien X
  • Goop
  • Echo Echo
  • Chromastone
  • Swampfire
  • Jetray
  • Humungousaur
  • Lodestar
  • Big Chill
  • Brainstorm (coming soon)
  • Spidermonkey
  • Ben Tennyson

Combo Packs

  • Kevin, Forever Knight, Jetray
  • Alan, Clear DNAlien, Swampfire
  • Cannonbolt (AF/UA), Gwen Anodite, DNAlien
  • Swampfire defender, Metal Kevin, Highbreed

Ben 10: Alien Swarm

4" Alien Collection

Toy Release Date Description/Content MSRP ($US) Retailers
004W014635100001 20100414080339442 Unknown The Queen, Victor Validus, Nanomech Unknown Purchase from Amazon
Ben 10 Figure Collection - Alien Swarm Movie Set 2 Unknown Big Chill, Humongousaur, Nanomech Unknown Purchase from Amazon


Toy Release Date Description/Content MSRP ($US) Retailers
Unknown Omnitrix disk viewer (alien swarm version) Unknown

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Following the destruction of the original Omnitrix Alien watch in the climax of the Alien Force series, Ben discovers a more powerful more advanced alien watch known as the Ultimatrix, which has been recreated as a number of toys currently being introduced to the market.[1]

  • Vuescope Ultimatrix
  • Disc Alien Ultimatrix
  • Legacy Omnitrix
  • Battle Ultimatrix
  • Rustbucket III utility vehicle 1 (exclusive ua Ben)
  • Rustbuchet III utility vehicle 2 (exclusive ua/af Kevin)
  • Rustbucket III utility vehicle 3 (exclusive ua Gwen)
  • Mark 10 (exclusive ua translucent Ben)
  • Ben's bike (exclusive ua Ben)
  • Plumber spaceship (Exclusive Plumber Suit Max figure) (Only available online)
  • Ultimate Ultimatrix
  • Revolution Ultimatrix
  • Mark 10 deluxe (Benjamin Tennyson Exclusive figure)
  • Ultimatrix Chest Badge
  • Plumber Tech Kit
  • Kevin's action Cruiser and Ben's Mark 10 Mix and Match Vehicles
  • Rustbucket III (Exclusive translucent pink UA Gwen red AF Jetray) (UK exclusive)

4" Alien Collection[2]

The 4" Alien Collection figures done for Ben 10: Ultimate Alien removed the cards, that came with all the other waves, this time they had something similar to the bust they had in the last wave, but now it was flat when you received it you would put it in the disc Ultimatrix, and then it would pop up with lights and sounds. In the 2nd set they show the same 12 aliens as for the disk Ultimatrix except these have these mini figures like the disk Ultimatrix but are used for the so-called revolution Ultimatrix. This is very similar to what they did in Alien Force with the ultimate Omnitrix and the ultimate Omnitrix 10x.

Wave 1

  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Ultimate Big Chill
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Water Hazard
  • Terraspin
  • Armodrillo
  • Nanomech
  • Rath
  • Lodestar
  • Swampfire Defender
  • Big Chill Defender
  • Humungousaur Defender (UK Exclusive)
  • Spidermonkey Defender (UK Exclusive)
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • NRG
  • Ben Tennyson (UK Exclusive)
  • Gwen Tennyson (UK Exclusive)
  • Vulkanus (UK Exclusive)
  • Aggregor (UK Exclusive)
  • Vilgax (UK Exclusive)

Wave 2

  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Rath
  • Water Hazard
  • Armodrillo
  • AmpFibian (Disk instead of mini figure)
  • Ultimate Kevin (No mini figure)
  • Ult. Wildmutt
  • Zombozo (UK Exclusive)
  • Azmuth (UK Exclusive)
  • Sevenseven (UK Exclusive)
  • Diamondhead (UK Exclusive)
  • Plumber Suit Ben
  • Way Big (September, 2011)
  • Four Arms (September, 2011)
  • Ultimate Big Chill (August, 2011)
  • Terraspin (August, 2011)
  • NRG (August, 2011)
  • Ult. Echo Echo (Augest, 2011)
  • Ult. Cannonbolt (Augest, 2011)
  • AmpFibian (Augest, 2011)
  • Ult. Swampfire Haywire (Ultimate Spidermonkey)
  • Ult. Spidermonkey Haywire (Ultimate Swampfire)
  • Water Hazard Haywire (Ultimate Cannonbolt)
  • Terraspin Haywire (Ultimate Wildmutt)
  • Ult. Humungousaur Haywire (AmpFibian)
  • AmpFibian Haywire (Ultimate Humungousaur)
  • Ultimate Echo echo Haywire (NRG)
  • NRG Haywire (Ultimate Echo echo)
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt (Water Hazard) (Fall 2011)
  • Ultimate Wildmutt (Terraspin) (Fall 2011)
  • Ultimate Big Chill (Armodrillo) (Fall 2011)
  • Rath (Lodestar) (Fall 2011)
  • Armodrillo (Ultimate Big Chill) (Fall 2011)
  • Lodestar (Rath) (Fall 2011)
  • Arctiguana (Dec 2011)
  • Clockwork (Dec 2011)
  • Eatle (Dec 2011)
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Rath
  • Armodrillo
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • NRG
  • Ultimate Echo Echo

Deluxe Action Figures

  • Ultimate Spidermonkey (Webspitting)
  • Ultimate Humungousaur (Rock Smashing)
  • Terraspin (Spin Action)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo (Discs) (March)
  • NRG Suit w/ radioactive alien (Open suit with alien inside)
  • Ultimate Swampfire (Fire Launcher) {April}
  • Armodrillo (Drillers) {April}
  • Ultimate Big Chill (Movable Wings) {April}
  • Water Hazard (Water Gun)

Alien Creation Figures

  • Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Ultimate Big Chill
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt
  • Nanomech V2
  • Rath
  • Water Hazard
  • Terraspin
  • NRG
  • Armodrillo
  • AmpFibian
  • Nanomech V1
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Alien X
  • Brainstorm
  • Lodestar
  • Highbreed

Alter Aliens[3]

  • Ben to Rath and Echo Echo to Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Ben to AmpFibian and Swampfire to Ultimate Swampfire
  • Ben to NRG and Big Chill to Ultimate Big Chill
  • Ben to Water Hazard and Spidermonkey to Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Ben to Terraspin and Jetray to Armodrillo
  • Ben to Wildmutt and Humungousaur to Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Ben To XLR8 and Cannonbolt to Ultimate Cannonbolt (April)
  • Ben to Nanomech and Heatblast to Upchuck (April)
  • Ben to Grey Matter and Goop to Way Big (June)
  • Ben to Stinkfly and Wildvine to Heatblast (June)
  • Ben to Diamondhead and Ripjaws to Four Arms (June)

Comics and 4 inch Action Figures

  • Action Rath and Sixsix
  • Classic Ben Tennyson and Vilgax
  • Action Ultimate Humungousaur and Aggregor
  • Action Ultimate Spidermonkey and Vulkanus
  • X-Ray Ben and Diamond Head V.2
  • Azmuth and Ben Galactic Enforcer

DVD with toys

  • Galactic Enforcer Ben and Azmuth/w DVD
  • Transformation Ben and Diamondhead/w DVD
  • Vulkanus and Alien X defender/w DVD (COMING SOON)

Combo Packs

  • 5 ORIGINAL Legacy pack 1/2
  • 5 ORIGINAL Legacy pack 2/2
  • 3 Four Arms, XLR8, and Upchuck
  • 3 Heatblast, Swampfire, and Ultimate Swampfire
  • Tetrax, Classic Diamondhead, and Diamondhead V.2.
  • 4 Wildmutt, Nanomech, Spidermonkey Defender, and Alien X
  • 4 Classic Diamondhead, Water Hazard, Humungousaur Defender, and Big Chill
  • 5 AF ORIGINAL Legacy pack 1/2
  • 5 AF ORIGINAL Legacy pack 2/2
  • 4 Grandpa Max AF, Gwen AF, Kevin AF and Soccer Ben
  • 4 Classic Zs'Skayr, Benmummy, Action Benwolf and Benvicktor

Hyper Aliens

  • Vilgax (Original Series)
  • Highbreed
  • Vulkanus
  • Ultimate Swampfire
  • Ultimate Aggregor
  • Four Arms (UA)
  • Ripjaws (Original Series)

Haywire Figures

  • Ultimate Swampfire (Ultimate Spidermonkey)
  • Ultimate Humungousaur (AmpFibian)
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey (Ultimate Swampfire)
  • Water Hazard (Ultimate Cannonbolt)
  • Terraspin (Ultimate Wildmutt)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo (NRG)
  • NRG (Ultimate Echo Echo)
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt (Water Hazard)
  • AmpFibian (Ultimate Humungousaur)
  • Rath (Lodestar)
  • Ultimate Big Chill (Armodrillo)
  • Lodestar (Rath)
  • Armodrillo (Ultimate Big Chill)
  • Ultimate Wildmutt (Terraspin)
  • Nanomech V.2 (Kevin Levin) (2012)
  • Kevin Levin (Nanomech V.2) (2012)
  • Gwen Tennyson (Ben Tennyson) (2012)
  • Ben Tennyson (Gwen Tennyson) (2012)
  • Heatblast (Upchuck) (2012)
  • Ripjaws (XLR8) (2012)
  • Diamondhead (Swampfire) (2012)
  • Wildmutt (Goop) (2012)
  • Stinkfly (Four Arms) (2012)
  • XLR8 (Ripjaws) (2012)

Mini 2.5 Inch Collector's Series

  • Jetray and Humungousaur
  • Young Four Arms and Young Ben
  • Armodrillo and Ampfibian
  • Ben and Diamondhead
  • Way Big and Spidermonkey

Ben 10: Omniverse

4" Alien Collection

Current 4" Figures

Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4
​Wave 5
Wave 6


Gold Figures

Sound 6 Inch Figures

Tactilien Figures

Wind Up Figures

2 Inch Mini Figures

Alien Creation Figures

3 Pack Toys

  • Crashhopper Versions: Mask, Omnitrix and Regular (2013)

Omnikit Figures

Action Packs


  • Mini Omnitrix (Original) (2012)
  • Mini Omnitrix (Alien Force) (2012)
  • Mini Ultimatrix (Ultimate Alien) (2013)
  • Mini Omnitrix (Omniverse) (2012)
  • Omnitrix Challenge (2012)
  • Omnitrix Touch (2012)
  • Proto-Tool (2012)
  • Proto-Specs (2012)
  • Proto-Scope (2012)
  • Proto-Tech Booster (2012)
  • Omnitrix Touch V2 (2013)
  • Omni-Link Omnitrix (2013)

Mini 2.5 Inch Collector's Series

Hyper Aliens/Vinyl Figures


  • Intergalactic Plumber Jail (with Solid Plugg) (2012)
  • Intergalactic Plumber Command Center (with 4" Magister Patelliday) (2012)
  • Intergalactic Plumber Laboratory (with Blukic) (2012)
  • Intergalactic Plumber Training Room (with Driba) (2012)
  • Transformation Station (with Omniplasm Humungousaur and translucent Ben (11 years old) (2013)


  • Tenn-Speed Cycle (2012)
  • Proto-Craft (2012)
  • Proto-TRUK (2012)

Mini Figures

Football Figures

Merchandising Products

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