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Requests for permissions is a place where users may request simple permissions, that will be completed by an administrator or bureaucrat. A user may request the following user rights: rollback, chat operator, or custodian. A list of permissions for each group can be found at Special:ListGroupRights. The numbers next to each position are the number of users already in the group, followed by how many are allowed, not including bots.


  • Chat operator (1/1):
  On chat daily to weekly.
  • Rollback (5/5):
  Must have 100+ mainspace edits
  • Custodian (3/3):
  Must have 150+ mainspace edits
  Must be active for 2 weeks
  Must have no block more recent than two months
  Account must be at least one month old


Please create a level three header with your username as the title, please provide a link to the username in your title. Following the title, please add a sentence or two on why you would like your permission to be granted to you. Please sign your requests. After the steps are completed, an administrator or bureaucrat will complete your request. Requests go after the line below.

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