There are no set requirements a user should meet to post on the forum, but keep in mind, you do have to follow a few rules to be allowed to continue to post there (just as there are for articles and chat). They are as follows:

  • Being a Ben 10-centric wiki, all users should have some degree of knowledge of Ben 10. While you do not need to show this trait while on the off-topic board, it's assumed that you have the knowledge for use in posting on articles or the on-topic boards.
  • You will not use a sock puppet account.
  • Swearing is not allowed. If you are not able to conduct yourself in this manner, your posts will be deleted.
  • Do not double post unless absolutely necessary!
  • You must respect all users.
  • This is a wiki about a children's cartoon. It is expected that extremely adult themes will not be brought up.
  • You will keep on-topic. Do not purposely draw from the main topic, and if you spot this, please bring the topic back. This also accounts for boards. Each board has a purpose described in its description on the main forum page. If you have any questions about where a thread should belong, ask an administrator or regular forum-goers.
  • The forum speaks the same language as the rest of the wiki--English.
  • Do not post in threads that have been inactive for over one month, unless the thread has been highlighted. Old threads will be closed if a user bump an old thread.