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The Counter-Vandalism Unit, or CVU for short, are a group of users with extra rights led to revert vandalism and spam.

Counter-Vandalism Unit permissions

A CVU member can rollback edits, block users, and edit protected pages.

Contact us

There are currently no active members in the CVU.

How to Join

To currently join the team you must fill out the form below or be invited by a bureaucrat.

Some tips to get picked

  • Revert spam and vandalism
  • Help out users
  • Be an active member


 300+ mainspace edits
 No block history
 Active in counter-vandalism work


Please create a level three header with your username as the title, and provide a link to the username in your title. Following the title, please add a sentence or two on why you would like the CVU user group to be granted to you. Please sign your requests. After the steps are completed, a bureaucrat will complete your request. Requests go after the line below.

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