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Ben 10 is a registered trademark of Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting. Ben 10 Planet is not affiliated with Cartoon Network or Turner Broadcasting and its parent company Time Warner.

Ben 10 Planet is a free encyclopedia and reference to all that is Ben 10 and its sequels.

All user contributions to the wiki are considered to be released under the GNU Free Documentation License.


Official images are marked as fair use under U.S copyright law.


Screen captures from media are considered as fair use and are permitted under the GNU Free Documentation License, as long its has either an official network watermark or none at all. TV rating guidelines are also accepted.


Full episodes/shows/movies are not permitted to be posted/streamed on an article or anywhere on the wiki under any circumstance and will be considered copyright infringement subject to deletion. Any videos uploaded must be previews, sneak peeks or clips. Asking for links to any episode/show/movie is not permitted. Users are to refrain from posting any links or mentioning websites where links and/or videos exist. Videos online can legally be viewed with a purchase.


There will be no links to pertaining to any video game downloads like ROM's and will be considered copyright infringement subject to deletion.


Anyone who posts links to illegal content (online episodes/movies, for example), or asks for them - be it directly on this wiki or by asking other users to meet them in another wiki to share links - or uploads the illegal content onto the wiki, will be blocked without prior warning.

This is for a our protection to make sure we don't get possibly shut down and networks could lose money by doing stuff like that. This is a serious matter not be taken lightly.

Ignorance is no excuse for not knowing about websites hosting illegal content.


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