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Ben 10 HyperScan was a game for the short lived console known as the HyperScan.

Card List


Number Name Description
001 Ben Saves your game
002 Four Arms Built for battle, the Tetramand is a massive species with four powerful arms and a dense armor-plated skin.
003 Stinkfly Lepidopterrans are an insectoid race with transparent wings, sturdy exoskeletons, and stinging tails that deploy a variety of chemical weapons.
004 Ripjaws The fighting fish Volanns' jaw can grip with the strength of an industrial vise using rows of razor-sharp teeth that can chomp through almost anything.
005 XLR8 Kinecelerans reach speeds of more than 500 MPH by manipulating friction, enabling them to defy gravity and run across sheer surfaces.
008 Diamondhead Warriors composed of jagged shards of crystals, Petrosapiens reflect light beams and can cut through virtually anything.
009 Ghostfreak Living phantoms, Ectonurites can phase through solid objects, make themselves invisible, and often inherit other bodies for limited amounts of time.
010 Grey Matter Galvans are five inches tall with soft and flexible bones that allow them to squeeze into tight spaces or spring quickly from danger.

Defense Mod

Number Name Description
035 Scale Armor Ripjaws' scales boosts his defensive abilities.
045 Behemoth Four Arms becomes even more defensive with his aggressor.

Projectile Mod

Number Name Description
048 Static Boom XLR8's static discharge shocks his enemies.

Villain Defense

Number Name Description
053 Metal Fatigue Water Droid's health drops.
056 All Thumbs Kevin 11's forearm strength is sapped
059 Bio-feedback Dr. Animo's health drops.
060 Hyp-no! Zombozo is prevented from hypnotizing you.

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