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The characters and/or events depicted in this article pertain to games of the Ben 10 franchise.
The characters and/or events depicted in this article are non-canon to the main series' continuity.

Play and create with the latest installment of Cartoon Network's Ben 10 Game Generator series. Help Ben through each level, using the power of the Omnitrix to evade puzzles, traps, obstacles and enemies. Transform into aliens such as Articguana, Gravattack, Heatblast, Shocksquatch and XLR8, each with a special power to help you at different stages of your quest.

If that's not enough, get your thinking cap on and create your own levels for yourself and the community of Ben 10 fans worldwide! There are three game modes:

  • PLAY – Battle your way through 50 levels with your best times published online.
  • CREATE – Make your own levels with 60+ Game Elements and share them with the world.
  • SEARCH – Download and play levels created by other players.

New to the 5D version are:

  • 50 BRAND-NEW LEVELS! - Guide Ben through 50 new action-packed and challenging levels.
  • TWO NEW CHARACTERS - Unleash the powers of Ripjaws and Upgrade, two new playable characters.
  • ENHANCED FEATURES - Improved graphics and controls, a hints feature for tackling difficult levels, a new scorecard and an Omnitrix badge award for completing levels without using undo!

Playable Characters



  • The steam page misspells 'Ripjaws' as 'Ripjaw' and 'Shocksquatch' as 'Shocksquash'

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