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Ben 10 DNA Lab

Ben 10 DNA Lab was an online Cartoon Network game, which is no longer available. In this game the player was able to take two aliens and mix them together to find out what they would look like if these two aliens became one being.

The game was based on the episode Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray, in which Ben broke the face plate of the Omnitrix, and when he transformed, he turned into hybrids of two aliens. The three alien hybrids from this episode are:


This game is played by acquiring the required codes (each of Ben's original series aliens is given a "secret" code, as are Gwen and Vilgax). The player takes those codes and enters two of them into the game, and then presses submit. The two aliens that were chosen are then mixed together and the resulting alien's picture is able to be downloaded and printed, or the player can start over and create a new alien. It should be noted that you cannot make hybrids of Gwen or Vilgax instead their normal appearance appears.


The codes are as follows:


  • If you search the code for Ripjaws it will usually come up as qghq. However, this code does not work for unknown reasons.
  • There are 8 Original Series aliens that do not appear in Ben 10 DNA Lab: Way Big, Eye Guy, Ditto, Arctiguana, Buzzshock, Spitter, Ripjaws, and Grey Matter.

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