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Ben 10 Alien Force: The Complete Guide is a book about the first and second seasons of Ben 10: Alien Force.


The book has 96 pages, 5 sections, content, glossary and an "Inner Ten" quiz.


The first section, "How It All Began", begins on page four, and explains that Ben found the Omnitrix five years ago, and how he put it on five years later, and is fighting a new alien threat.

The second section, "Ben's 10", begins on page six and explains all about Ben, the Omnitrix, and his ten alien forms.

The third section, "Ben's Team", starts on page thirty, and explains all about Gwen, Kevin, Ben's friends, the Plumbers Helpers, and various other aliens and humans.

The fourth section, "Bad Guys", starts on page fifty-six and explain all of the bad guys, and what they did.

The fifth section, "Greatest Feats", describes certain episodes where Ben, Kevin, and Gwen had some of their greatest moments.

And finally comes the "Inner Ten" quiz, which determines what alien you are from the Omnitrix.