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The following is a list of shorts for Ben 10.


Bentuition is a series of shorts that feature Ben turning into one of his aliens to do certain task, but comically fails due to his "Bentuition". The shorts are available on Cartoon Network's Youtube Channel, as well as broadcasted during the credits of episodes on TV. The shorts are meant to be home videos made by Ben and Gwen.

Image Title Number U.K Airdate
Bentuition Upgrade Bentuition: Upgrade 01 1 June 21, 2017
Ben shows how its like skate boarding alien style.
Bentuition Wildvine Bentuition: Wildvine 01 2 June 9, 2017
Ben and Gwen make a dance video in Adrenaland.
Bentuition Diamondhead Bentuition: Diamondhead 01 3 June 9, 2017
Ben as Diamondhead shows how to dust it off.
Bentuition Cannonbolt Bentuition: Cannonbolt 01 4 June 21, 2017
Ben wants to show you how to make a perfect cannonball using Cannonbolt.
Bentuition Four Arms Bentuition: Four Arms 01 5 June 23, 2017
Four Arms and Max compete to see who jumps higher.
Bentuition Heatblast Bentuition: Heatblast 01 6 June 16, 2017
After Gwen fails to light a campfire, Ben uses Heatblast to make it easier.
Bentuition XLR8 Bentuition: XLR8 01 7 June 23, 2017
Ben wants to break the new track record using XLR8.
Bentuition Overflow Bentuition: Overflow 01 8 June 30, 2017
Overflow tries to show off his skills, but gets hit by an orca whale.
Bentuition Grey Matter Bentuition: Grey Matter 01 9 June 16, 2017
Grey Matter tries to stop Max's snoring.
Bentuition Wildvine2 Bentuition: Wildvine 02 10 June 23, 2017
Wildvine gets attacked by birds.
Bentuition Stinkfly Bentuition: Stinkfly 01 11 June 16, 2017
Stinkfly can't control his powers.
Bentuition Overflow2 Bentuition: Overflow 02 12 June 21, 2017
Max tests Ben's toboggan with some help from Overflow.
Bentuition Upgrade2 Bentuition: Upgrade 02 13 July 8, 2017
Ben upgrades the air conditioner using Upgrade on request.
Bentuition Four Arms2 Bentuition: Four Arms 02 14 July 9, 2017
Four Arms makes a video of him making fart noises with his armpits.
Bentuition XLR82 Bentuition: XLR8 02 15 July 9, 2017
Gwen challenges XLR8 to run to the clock tower and back in 10 seconds.
Bentuition Diamondhead2 Bentuition: Diamondhead 02 16 July 16, 2017
Gwen and Diamondhead use the refraction of light to light the fire.
Bentuition Cannonbolt2 Bentuition: Cannonbolt 02 17 July 30, 2017
Cannonbolt tries to hit a few gallons like bowling pins on the beach.
Bentuition Heatblast2 Bentuition: Heatblast 02 18 July 8, 2017
Gwen is reviewing a new episode of her favorite TV show, and Heatblast decides to bug in.
Bentuition Stinkfly2 Bentuition: Stinkfly 02 19 July 8, 2017
Stinkfly wants to prank Gwen and Grandpa Max, but it didn't end as expected.
Bentuition Grey Matter2 Bentuition: Grey Matter 02 20 July 8, 2016
Grey Matter shows how to take down an opponent no matter the size.

Alien Worlds

Alien World also known as Alien of the Week or Alien Time is a series a shorts that is released every Wednesday from August 2, 2017, on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel. The shorts features a species that Ben can transform to as well as their home planet and culture. The shorts are narrated by Azmuth. The shorts listed below have no defined order.

Image Title UK Airdate
Weekly Alien Four Arms Alien of the Week: Four Arms August 31, 2017
This short features Tetramands and their home planet, Khoros.
Weekly Alien Diamondhead Alien of the Week: Diamondhead August 31, 2017
This short features Petrosapiens and their home planet, Petropia.
Weekly Pyronite Heatblast Alien of the Week: Heatblast August 31, 2017
This short features Pyronites and their home planet, Pyros.
Alien of the Week XLR8 Alien of the Week: XLR8 August 31, 2017
This short features Kinecelerans and their home planet, Kinet.
Alien of the Week Grey Matter Alien of the Week: Grey Matter August 31, 2017
This short features the Galvan and their home planet, Galvan Prime.
Alien of the Week Upgrade Alien of the Week: Upgrade August 31, 2017
This short features Galvanic Mechamorphs and their home planet, Galvan B.
Alien of the Week Cannonbolt Alien of the Week: Cannonbolt August 31, 2017
This short features Arburian Pelarotas and their home planet, Arburia.
Alien of the Week Wildvine Alien of the Week: Wildvine August 31, 2017
This short features Floraunas and their home planet, Flors Verdance.
Alien of the Week Overflow Alien of the Week: Overflow August 31, 2017
This short features Cascans and their home planet, Cascareau.
Alien of the Week Stinkfly Alien of the Week: Stinkfly August 31, 2017
This short features Lepidopterrans and their home planet, Lepidopterra.