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The following is a list of episodes for the Ben 10 reboot. A total of 40 episodes have been ordered with a run-time of 11 minutes instead of the 22 minute episode format. The episodes listed here are based on their U.S airdate.

Season 1

Image Title Number U.S. Airdate
3. The Filth The Filth 1 April 10, 2017
Ben is tasked with cleaning the Rustbucket, but when he is tricked into letting the villainous and vile Fly Guys steal it, he must chase them down before they create an unstoppable maggot monster.
Ben 10 Waterfilter Waterfilter 2 April 10, 2017
Ben, Gwen, and Max's trip to Niagara Falls is cut short by the horrid Hydromanders, creatures menacing them and their fellow tourists.
Leadr The Ring Leader 3 April 10, 2017
While winning big on a Sumo Slammers video game, Ben gets the idea to win a wrestling match for real.
Riding the Storm Out Riding the Storm Out 4 April 10, 2017
Ben and Gwen's camping trip is interrupted by the emotionless Weatherheads - Gust-o, Hail-o, & Shock-o - but a malfunctioning Omnitrix firing out a mishmash of aliens may not be the forecast for success.
The Clocktopus The Clocktopus 5 April 11, 2017
In a peaceful coastal town, Ben must not only face the archaic antagonist Steam Smythe and his latest creation - the Clocktopus - but also his deepest, darkest fear: squid!
T10 Take 10 6 April 12, 2017
While trying to film his own indie film, Ben accidentally allows the Bug Gang to go free and when he takes the fight to their hidden lair Ben has to take on their narcissistic leader, the Queen Bee.
Growing Pains Growing Pains 7 April 13, 2017
Ben and Gwen, who have been turned into toddlers, must stop Nanny Nightmare from turning everyone on Earth into the same.
Shhh! Shhh! 8 April 17, 2017
When the RV breaks down, Ben goes exploring a temple where everyone must remain silent. Not taking this seriously, Ben breaks this rule, releasing a dragon.
Brief Career of Lucky Girl Brief Career of Lucky Girl 9 April 18, 2017
Hex attacks a cosplay convention in hopes of getting a powerful wand that gives the user incredible powers. It is up to Gwen, cosplaying as her favourite hero "Luck Girl", to stop him.
Animo Farm Animo Farm 10 April 19, 2017
While stuck as Stinkfly, Ben must forge a team together in order to escape Dr. Animo's farm and defeat the Alphas!
Clown College Clown College 11 April 20, 2017
Zombozo and his crew, plan to gas a college stadium for their evil plans, Ben being the only one not infected must do his best to beat them.
Adventures in Babysitting Adventures in Babysitting 12 April 24, 2017
Ben, Gwen and Max encounter a family who are kind of their mirror selves.
Something I Ate Something I Ate 13 April 25, 2017
Ben must use his wit to save Grandpa Max when the latter is swallowed up by Slurpstack.
Steam is the Word Steam is the Word 14 April 26, 2016
In the heart of Silicon Valley, Ben has to stop Steam Smythe from getting an incredible power source sealed in Nikola Tesla's time capsule.
The Beast Inside The Beast Inside 15 April 27, 2017
Dr. Animo returns to test his newest invention, the 'Animerger'.
All Wet All Wet 16 May 1, 2017
No one believes Ben when he insists that one of the patrons, waiting in line at the World of Wet Water Park, is the nefarious Frightwig, disguised as a common girl called Frida.
Villain Time Villain Time 17 May 2, 2017
A new hero Tim Buktu swoops in to help, but is he here to do good?
Drive You Crazy Drive You Crazy 18 May 3, 2017
When the Rustbucket breaks down, the trio finds themselves in the last leg of an off-road auto race with Lagrange.
Vision Of Tomorrow Tomorrow Today 19 May 4, 2017
The group visit Buddy's Vision Of Tomorrow exhibit where Steam Smythe hopes to take a secret weapon to rule the world.
Story, Board Story, Bored 20 May 8, 2017
Hex returns for the 'Grimoire of Archamada' which contains a spell that will make him more powerful than ever!
Hole in 10 Hole in 10 21 May 9, 2017
Ben is attacked by a gang of Dr. Amino's biker mutants, the Ground Hawgs, while trying to play mini golf.
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Unknown 22 May 10, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Unknown 23 May 11, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Unknown 24 May 15, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Unknown 25 May 16, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Scared Silly 26 May 17, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Bad Penny 27 May 18, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Max to the Max 28 May 19, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Zombozo-Land 29 May 22, 2017
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Don't Laze Me, Bro 30 May 23, 2017


Image Title U.K. Airdate
4. Freaky Gwen Ben Freaky Gwen Ben October 10, 2016
When Ben interferes with malicious magician Hex's quest for the earth-moving Titan Gloves at a swap meet, he switches bodies with Gwen forcing him to walk a mile in her shoes and vice-versa!
Rustbucket RIP Rustbucket RIP October 29, 2016
Ben must decide to keep whether to keep his Sumo Slammers card or get the Rustbucket back from the hot-tempered Billy Billions, while Grandpa Max goes on a tour of Oldeville!
2016-07-22 Ben 24hrs October 30, 2016
Gwen must stop a sleep-walking Ben from wreaking havoc at Adrenaland, the only theme park that opens "from dusk to dawn".
Need for Speed Need for Speed November 27, 2016
Touring Yellowstone National Park, Ben uncovers a plot by Lagrange who wants to digout an old treasure from below the national park.
Cutting Corners Cutting Corners December 3, 2016
Ben wants to earn some money by mowing Bobs lawn. He rebuilds the lawnmower into a super fast mowing machine, but in doing so he angers the little stubborn gnome neighbors
Don&#039;t Let the Bass Drop Don't Let the Bass Drop December 4, 2016
At a concert in Portland, which Ben and Gwen attend, the villain Lord Decibel shows up to destroy planet Earth with sound and noise as his weapon.
Bright Lights, Black Hearts Bright Lights, Black Hearts February 14, 2017
Ben, Gwen and Max stop by the set of a movie. Before long, Ben discovers its lead, Michael Morningstar, is an energy vampire.
Recipe for Disaster Recipe for Disaster February 15, 2017
Three aliens chefs decide to eat Ben as Wildvine for lunch!!
Xingo Xingo February 20, 2017
Ben's favourite cartoon character, Xingo, comes out of TV into the real world.
Ben 10 Reboot Opening title card Forgeti Unknown

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