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Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge
General Information
Status Recordings has finished
Original run October 15 2011 - ??
Episodes 10-22
Creator(s) Cartoon Network

Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge is a live-action game show which started to air in the UK on Cartoon Network on October 15th 2011. It is produced by the British production company Twenty Twenty, who will make in this year 12 regional editions for different countries. Cartoon Network ordered 10 22-minute episodes. Casting has finished and recordings took place in June, in London. This is an original format of Cartoon Network. The host of the game will be a Hungarian actor and singer, called Péter Puskás.


The show will consist of four rounds. Children aged 7 to 11 years, under pressure of time, will be able to test their knowledge of Ben 10 series and movies, and demonstrate their physical strength. In each episode the contestants will be in Ben's secret base, they can learn how to use the Omnitrix and stand to fight Vilgax.

For now it is known that the show will air in autumn in England and all countries that have Cartoon Network RSEE.

Countries and regions

Nation Channel First Airdate Title
United Kingdom Cartoon Network UK September, 2011 Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge
Brasil Cartoon Network Brasil November, 2011 Ben 10: Desafio Final
Hungary Cartoon Network Hungary & Romania 10 October, 2011 Ben 10: A legnagyobb kihívás
France Cartoon Network France November, 2011 Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge
Spain Cartoon Network Spain 2011 Ben 10 Desafio final
Italy Cartoon Network Italy 2011
Poland Cartoon Network Poland 2011 Ben 10: Ostateczne wyzwanie
Denmark Cartoon Network Denmark
The Netherlands Cartoon Network Dutch October 18, 2011 Ben 10: Ultieme Uitdaging
Sweden Cartoon Network Sweden January 3, 2012 Ben 10: Den ultimata utmaningen
Romania Cartoon Network Hungary & Romania Ben 10: A legnagyobb kihívás
Türkiye (Turkey) Cartoon Network Türkiye November 2011
Ben 10: Zorlu Mücadele
Middle East Cartoon Network Arabic November 3, 2011 بن 10 التحدي الأقوى
(Ben 10: Al-tahadee al-aqwa)
Cartoon Network EMEA November 11, 2011 Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge (UK version)
Venezuela Cartoon Network Latin America Ben 10: Desafío (Desafío Ben 10)
United States Cartoon Network 2011 Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge

Current Challengers

Episode 1

  • 1st: Kian (865 Points)
  • 2nd: Shaun (230 Points)
  • 3rd: El (175 Points)
  • 4th: Lois (150 Points)

Episode 2

  • 1st: Reggie (655 Points)
  • 2nd: Alex (225 Points)
  • 3rd: Joseph (130 Points)
  • 4th: Connor (60 Points)

Episode 3

  • 1st: Montell(805)
  • 2nd: Lewis
  • 3rd: Sam
  • 4th: Shanaye

Winners' Board

  • 1st: Kian (865 Points)
  • 2nd: Reggie (655 Points)

More winners to come!


  • Xbox 360 (Just for winners of the episodes, not only for the Big Winner)
  • TV (For The Winner)
  • iPod Touch (For The Winner)
  • Laptop (For The Winner)
  • Toy Helicopter which can be controlled with iPod Touch (For The Winner)
  • Exclusive animation cells from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (For The Winner)

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