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(Voice) Actor Role(s)
Ryan Kelley Ben Tennyson
Galadriel Stineman Gwen Tennyson
Nathan Keyes Kevin Levin
Alyssa Diaz Elena Validus
Barry Corbin Max Tennyson
Herbert Siguenza Victor Validus
Dee Bradley Baker Big Chill
Alex Winter Nanomech
Jeremy Decarlos Helio
Brian Beegle Genaro
Eric Mendenhall Fitz
Tony Larkin Ship It's Employee
Wendy Cutler The Queen
Patrick Cox Big Ed
Michelle Wang Molly
Joyce Kurtz Computer
Aaron Munoz Psycho 1
Justin Welborn Psycho 2
Wilbur Fitzgerald Financial Guy in Suit
Deborah Duke Nurse
Nicole Krausen International Plumber 1
Shankar N. MahadevanInternational Plumber 2
Cesar Aguirre Mechanic Zombie
Grace Baine Alien
Stephen Bise Robe-Wearing Zombie
Factory Worker Zombie #1
Erin Leigh Bushko Factory Worker Zombie #2
Jon Gould Stand-In
Factory Worker
Travis Grant Zombie College Student
Jevocas Green Assembly Line Zombie
Ashley Harvin Factory Worker Zombie #3
Roger Herrera Forklift Driver
Barry Hopkins Factory Worker Zombie #4
Shawn Knowles Zombie Street Hoodlum
Micheal Leath Zombie College Student
Candace Mabry Factory Worker Zombie #5
Lynn McArthur Waitress Zombie
Katherine Neslund Zombie Assembly Line Worker
Bill Pacer Factory Worker Zombie #6
Timothy Douglas Perez Forklift Operator #1
Tammy Luthi Retzlaff Zombie Mom
Lauren Rothermel Business Woman
Sean M. Sellers Factory Worker Zombie #7
Jimmy Shaw Zombie Worker
Sonya Thompson Factory Worker Zombie #8
Joe Walsh Mind controlled Zombie
Steve Warren Factory Worker Zombie #9
Ken R. Wheeler Forklift Operator #2
Erika J. Wood Factory Worker Zombie #10
Factory Chasing Zombie
Ben 10: Alien Force Casts
Season 1
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Ben 10: Alien Swarm

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