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The following is a walkthrough for Ben 10: Alien Force on the Wii, PS2 and PSP.

Profiles and Saving

Upon first starting the game you'll be taken to the game's Title Screen. Pressing the button indicated on-screen will take you to the Profile Screen. Select a profile to create a new save in that location, and then select the difficulty you'd like and the opening cut scene will play. The game automatically saves after you beat a level and whenever you quit out of a level. In addition, you can manually save by pausing the game and selecting the Save command. When the game saves, it will save how many Omnitrix Points you have, the combos you've unlocked, the alien forms you've unlocked, and the Plumber's Badges you've collected. Any progress you've made in a level will be lost if you stop playing mid-level.


In-Game Function PlayStation 2 PSP Wii Menu Function
Select Alien Form (Cycle Omnitrix) Left directional button Left button +Control Pad Left Select
Select Alien Form (Cycle Omnitrix) Right directional button Right button +Control Pad Right Select
-- Up directional button Up button +Control Pad Up Select
-- Down directional button Down button +Control Pad Down Select
Move Character Left Analog Stick Analog stick Control Stick Select
Select Alien Form (Cycle Omnitrix) Right Analog Stick -- -- --
Jump × button × button Z Button Skip Cinematic
Special Attack / Interact Ë% button Ë% button +Control Pad Down --
Light Attack ¡% button ¡% button A Button Delete Saved Game
Heavy Attack ” button ” button B Button Back
Block L1 button L button C Button --
Activate Omnitrix R1 button R button +Control Pad Up --
Select Alien Form (Cycle Omnitrix) L2 button -- -- --
Select Alien Form (Cycle Omnitrix) R2 button -- -- --
-- L3 button -- -- --
Activate Omnitrix R3 button -- -- --
-- SELECT button SELECT button - Button --
Pause Menu START button START button + Button --

Playable Characters


Ben AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Right, Left
Heavy, Heavy Roundhouse Kick
Light, Heavy Uppercut
Heavy, Light Kick Sweep
Jump, Light Air Punch
Jump, Heavy Air Kick

Ben Tennyson is the owner of the powerful Omnitrix. Ben uses the Omnitrix to switch into various alien forms. While in these forms he is capable of doing many incredible things that he could not do in human form. Ben is very weak against his enemies without the help of the Omnitrix and his friends.


Gwen AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Throw
Heavy, Heavy Spin Kick
Special, Light Grab Kick
Special, Heavy Energy Web
Jump, Light Flying Kick
Jump, Heavy Strafing Run

Gwen Tennyson is Ben's cousin with special powers handed down to her from her intergalactic grandmother. These powers allow her to protect herself with a shield of energy, shoot bolts of energy, and create platforms that allow her to jump farther. Gwen gives Ben advice on how to solve different puzzles and is always a big help to have around.


Kevin AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Double Roundhouse
Heavy, Heavy Down and Out
Special, Light Armed and Dangerous*
Special, Heavy Sledge Hammer*
Jump, Light Drop Kick*
Jump, Heavy Pile Driver*
*Kevin must be in an elemental form to use these combos.

Kevin Levin is a human with the ability to change into whatever he touches. Throughout Kevin's levels he is able to activate this ability by touching special change objects. The change object for wood is a rotating log with several glowing leaves circling around it. The change object for stone is a jagged rock with a few smaller rocks orbiting around the larger one. The metal change object is three interconnected gears turning around each other. These three change objects will be found in various locations. To make use of these change objects, use the same button as if you were changing alien forms with Ben.


Swampfire AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light One-Two Punch
Heavy, Heavy Uppercut
Light, Heavy Dig It*
Heavy, Light Underbrush Bash*
Light, Heavy, Special Nova Blast*
Heavy, Light, Special Ring of Fire*
Special, Light FlameThrower*
Special, Heavy Hang 10*
Jump, Light Palm Fire
Jump, Heavy Hot Air
*These are combos you unlock.

A creature composed of vines and muck, Swampfire's main use is that he has many different ways of using fire. His Ring of Fire Combo (Heavy, Light, Special) can clear out an entire wave of enemies, and his Hot Air Combo (Jump, Heavy) allows him to attack quickly in midair. His ability to set objects on fire allows you to get past certain obstacles throughout the game.

Big Chill

Big Chill AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Double Punch
Heavy, Heavy Head Butt
Light, Heavy Cold Cocked*
Heavy, Light Chill Out*
Special, Light Ice Slick*
Special, Heavy Spiked*
Light, Heavy, Special Freezing Blast*
Heavy, Light, Special*
Jump, Light Cold Kicked
Jump, Heavy Hail Storm
*These are combos you unlock.

Big Chill is a cold-adapted, winged insectoid. He is able to become temporarily intangible, and summon ice from out of thin air! His attacks center around freezing his enemies and using frost to hurt them. His Spiked Combo (Special, Heavy) is devastating when surrounded by medium- or large sized enemies. You'll find that Big Chill's lofty wingspan will allow you to ride air currents to areas that are otherwise inaccessible.


Spidermonkey AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Double Double
Heavy, Heavy Triple Triple
Light, Heavy Have a Nice Trip*
Heavy, Light Kick Flip*
Special, Light Come and Go*
Special, Heavy Swing Kick*
Light, Heavy, Special Swingshot*
Heavy, Light, Special Yippee Ki Yay*
Jump, Light Hi Flyin' Punch
Jump, Heavy Spider Bungee
*These are combos you unlock.

Spidermonkey is a six-legged monkey-like alien with the ability to create webs and fire globs of spider silk out of his tail. He can cling to certain walls and use the webbing he creates to reach locations no other alien can. He is small, and often hard for the enemies to hit. With his speed he can literally run circles around enemies before they have the chance to attack.


Jetray AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Shredder
Heavy, Heavy Flip Whip
Light, Heavy Claw Whip*
Heavy, Light Whip Claw*
Special, Light Cultivator*
Special, Heavy Whip Zap*
Light, Heavy, Special Neuroblast*
Heavy, Light, Special Neurostorm*
Jump, Light Flying Claw
Jump, Heavy Head Scratcher
*These are combos you unlock.

Jet Ray is easily the fastest form available to Ben. His basic combos are very quick, but will only damage enemies very close to him. For those times when you need some breathing room, Jet Ray's Neuroshock Combo (Heavy, Light, Special) can defeat an entire wave of enemies at once. Press and hold the jump button after jumping to cause Jet Ray to rocket through the air!


Humungousaur AF game
Combo Sequence Combo Name
Light, Light Double Bash
Heavy, Heavy CHARGE!
Light, Heavy Outta My Way!*
Heavy, Light To the Moon!*
Special, Light Butthead*
Special, Heavy Strike Zone*
Light, Heavy, Special Go Long!*
Heavy, Light, Special Humungoslam*
Jump, Light Air Bash
Jump, Heavy Seismic Smash
*These are combos you unlock.

Large and in charge has never been more accurate. Humungousaur is extremely large, and extremely powerful what he isn't, is fast. Try and use his Butthead Combo (Special, Light) when you need to get some place fast, but otherwise any of his combos will get the job done.

Collectable Items

DNAde: Red, cross-shaped pick-ups that recharge the player's Stamina when picked up. Each DNAde pick-up collected increases the players Stamina by 20% of the maximum, up to a maximum of 100%! You can pick up DNAde when at full Stamina, but it has no effect. Chrono Crystals: Green pick-ups, shaped like hourglasses, that recharge the players Omnitrix (or, in the case of Kevin or Gwen, the characters innate power). Each Chrono Crystal collected recharges the Omnitrix (or player power) by 20% of the maximum, up to a maximum of 100%. You can pick up Chrono Crystals when the Omnitrix or player power is at full, but it has no effect. Omnitrix Points: When Ben defeats an enemy, he gains Experience. The experience boost takes the visual form of glowing yellow spheres of energy (Omnitrix Points) that emerge from a defeated enemy and fly into the player character. The released Omnitrix Points automatically find the player character wherever he is on the screen at the time, so the player cannot fail to pick them up. Once the Experience Bar (yellow bar) is full, the player can choose a combo attack to unlock for an alien form. If the Experience Bar fills while Ben is in combat, the Combo Unlock Screen will take place after the fight. Plumbers Badge: Plumber's Badges unlock the ability to view production art from the Main Menu. For every pair of Plumber's Badges you collect in a level you unlock one new piece of Production Art. Collect all 16 to be able to view the 8 pieces of concept art! Chrono Crystal Boost: Picking up this yellow Plumber's Badge will increase the amount of your Omnitrix timer that is replenished when you pick up a Chrono Crystal by 5% per Boost collected. Alien Tech Boost: This Plumber's Badge has an orange glow around it. Collecting it will decrease the Power Cost of all alien combos by 5%. This effect is cumulative. Atomic Power: Unlike the other Plumber's Badges these Badges will reappear every time you go through the level. When you pick these up, your character will glow red. While your character is glowing, you will deal double the normal amount of damage. Omni-Shield: Like the Atomic Power, the Omni-Shield will provide you with a temporary boost, only this boost will make you momentarily invincible. The benefits of the Omni-Shield (and the Atomic Power) last for 30 seconds, so make the most of them!

Cooperative Mode

At any point during gameplay, another player can join in by pressing the START button (A Button on the Wii Remote). If either of the players doesn't want to play anymore, that player can enter the Pause Menu and select Drop Player. If one of the players is defeated, they can hit the START button (A Button on the Wii Remote) to respawn near the other player. If both players are defeated, the Defeated Screen will display. At this point, both players will be sent to the nearest active checkpoint. A new checkpoint is reached after every battle and every triggered event. The players can freely move around the screen, but neither character can leave the view of the camera at any time. Both players are also free to change into whichever alien forms have been unlocked. All combo attacks and alien forms are available both players. When a new combo is unlocked, it is unlocked for both players. If both players are in an alien form and perform that alien form's Heavy, Light, Special combo they will start to glow green while performing their combo. This green flash, known as the Omnitrix Overload is a special co-op attack that does massive damage to all enemies on the screen. It will drain 100% of any remaining Omnitrix for both players and they will be transformed back into Ben. There is no Omnitrix Overload for Gwen or Kevin.


Level 1 - Knight-mare at the Pier

You start out with only two alien forms, Swampfire and Big Chill. Big Chill is useful for dealing with melee enemies, while Swampfire is better at keeping ranged enemies in check with his Special Attack and quick Heavy, Heavy combos. Both are effective for this whole level, but Big Chill is a bit quicker and more effective for the enemies in this level. Take notice to the surroundings as well, there are plenty of breakable objects to keep your life and powers up with DNAde and Chrono Crystals to replenish you.

Along the beginning boardwalk, you are introduced to the Forever Knight, a basic melee enemy that must get close to you in order to attack. This is where Swampfire comes in handy with his Special Attack, Fireball. His Fireball attack is useful at keeping range between you and the Forever Knights. If you are using Big Chill, then you'll make quick work of them with Big Chill's Heavy attacks.

You'll come to an impassible spot where a roller coaster has fallen onto the boardwalk. Use the wooden pylons in the water to reach the other side of the wreckage. Make your way through the Forever Knights until you come to another impassible spot - the boardwalk has been wrecked by the remains of a boat. Use the wooden pylons in the water to make it across.

Finally, you'll reach a warehouse at the end of the docks where you are introduced to a Tetramand named Gorvan. After a brief encounter with him, you are confronted by Laser Forever Knights. These bad guys prefer long range fighting, but can use their laser energy gun as a club for close range. Again, keep them off balance with heavy attacks from your available alien forms. You must make your way into the warehouse by breaking the cameras posted on the walls. Once inside, continue along the path to the end of the level, defeating the Forever Knights along the way. When you reach the end of the level, you'll unlock Spidermonkey!
Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 On the second pylon in front of the wrecked boat on the boardwalk.
Plumber's Badge 2 Located on the pylon behind the sailboat near the end of the level.
Alien Tech Boost On top of the mast of the sailboat at the end of the level.
Chrono Crystal Boost On the far pylon near the roller coaster wreckage, use Jet Ray to get it.

Level 2 - The Forest Medieval

Now you've got Spidermonkey. He's great for the forest. He climbs walls and shoots webs, and does whatever a spidermonkey can. In this level you'll also be introduced to another new playable character. His name is Kevin Levin. Kevin allows you to change in to Stone, Metal, and even Wood! In this level you'll only need to use his Metal form, but isn't it nice to know that there are others to choose from? Big Chill should be able to handle all of the enemy encounters at the beginning of the level. Use his Cold Cocked (Light, Heavy) attack if you have it unlocked; if not, just use his Double Punch (Light, Light) attack and it should be enough to deal with these enemies. At the first jumping puzzle use the higher route, and be sure to collect all of the Omnitrix Points. Keep going right until you reach the first vine wall. You'll need Spidermonkey to climb it. You'll want to move on to the top, and to the castle's bridge. Here, you'll gain control of Kevin. His Metal Form is what you'll need to get through the various Scanners you'll find in the castle. Change into the Metal Form using the Metal Change Object. Move on, through the glowing doorway, at the top of the stairs, into the first room. The first Movable Block puzzle is in the second room. Move the first block onto the square tile on the floor. Move the second block to the left of the bush. Now use the bush to jump onto the Block to make it to the second floor. You'll want to use the Metal change object to the right of the second floor. Get onto the elevator and take it down to the next floor. On the next floor if your Metal form has faded, there is a Metal Change Object at the right of the elevator. Follow the path and keep moving forward, and you will find the second Movable Block puzzle. You'll notice that each of the blocks have different shapes. Move each of the blocks to the tile on the floor that matches the shape of the block in order to solve the puzzle. Continue to the third Movable Block room and you'll notice there are two blocks of different shapes, but three tiles on the floor. Simply move the round block onto the round tile, and move the square block to either one of the two square tiles on the floor. Use Kevin's Metal Form to complete the connection to the third tile. You do this by standing on the tile and pressing the Interact button. There is a Metal Change Object to the right of the third tile if your Metal Form fades. In the final room of the castle, you will want to use Metal Form Kevin. In the back of the room is where you will find the Metal Change Object. While there is electricity running through the conductor above the tile on the floor, have Kevin step onto that tile and short circuit it by pressing the Interact Button. Continue to do this for all four tiles on the floor as they become charged. Doing so will disable the Elemental Scanners blocking Ben from getting through the castle. Once you've regained control of Ben, break down the fence inside the courtyard, and climb up the wall with Spidermonkey. Stand on the switch in order to open the gate. You'll need to exit out of the courtyard and travel down the path. Down at the bottom, you'll find a Steam Vent. Use Big Chill and float up to the top platform and continue along the path. If you do not have Jet Ray unlocked, you’ll have to use the bridge to cross the river. When you find yourself at a waterfall, change to Spidermonkey and use his Swingshot to clear the gap. Cross the next waterfall the same way, and switch to Big Chill to get to the top of the cliff. Continue along until you meet...

Boss Battle - Mech Dragon

To get to Mech Dragon, you'll need to use Spidermonkey and jump from tower to tower 'til you get to the other side of the island. You will see the Alien Tech that you need to get inside a cave with a large elemental Scanner. As you approach to collect the Alien Tech you will find yourself confronted by Mech Dragon. Mech Dragon is a large mechanical dragon that can breathe fire and fly. Fortunately for you, he is chained at the wrist.

Mech Dragon with throw a variety of attacks at you. He'll start by breathing fire at you, and swipe at you with his claws. Once you get his health down a bit he'll erect a wall of fire around himself. He'll continue to breathe fire and start slamming his hand on the ground.

You're going to want to attack the hand when he has slammed it down in front of him. This will destroy his hand and free him from being chained down to the ground. He'll start flying up into the air and swoop across the screen. Keep to the cave when he does this and his swoop can be avoided. When he lands, a massive fire wave spreads outward from him. Position yourself in a place where you will have time to jump over the fire wave. Big Chill is a very effective form against Mech Dragon due to the fact that he can't be set on fire.

Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 Located behind the first waterfall.
Plumber's Badge 2 Located in the cave, use Big Chill's first updraft to gain access.
Alien Tech Boost Located on the bottom right side of the lake in Jet Ray's Secret Area.
Chrono Crystal Boost On the second ledge, to the left, on Spidermonkey's first Climb Wall.

Level 3 - Bombs Away!

You will begin the stage as Ben in the canyons just outside what seems like an abandoned military base. You're tasked with getting inside with the help of Gwen. Throughout the level you will be switching back and forth between controlling Ben and Gwen. Gwen can hold her own in close quarters combat, but utilizing her ranged attacks is much safer. As far as enemies go, you will be dealing with Unarmed Pickaxe Aliens, Pickaxe Aliens, and Ranged Pickaxe Aliens. The Unarmed Pickaxe Aliens are pushovers, but the latter two versions of the Pickaxe Alien can definitely put a hurting on Ben or Gwen. Your ultimate goal is to make your way through the military base until you meet up with Vulkanus. You need to defeat him and collect the Component . When you first take control of Ben, it will be a short trek to the security gates of the base. Move to your right while defeating the various enemy encounters until you reach the gate. Once you reach the gate, there will be a short cut scene. After the cut scene, you will take control of Gwen. As Gwen, you will be tasked with opening up the front gate so that Ben can enter the base. There will only be a few enemy encounters as you make your way to the Meter Puzzle that will open the gate. Once you're in the room with the Meter Puzzle, you will notice that all the consoles have a red light above them except one. You will need to interact each console with a yellow light, until the needle on the gauge is pointing at green. It will take multiple presses of the Interact button in order to get the meter to move there. After you've done this on the first meter, you need to move to the next one and do the same thing until all four are set to green. Once the fourth one is finished, you can walk away from it and a cut scene will display. After this cut scene, you will go back to controlling Ben. In this section, you will need to guide Ben to the missile silos. You start off inside the gates that were just opened up by Gwen. Walk to the right until you reach the first airplane hangar. Once inside the hangar, you will need to navigate across a large gap in the middle of the hangar. There is a jet on either side of the gap that will help you maneuver across. Jump on top of the first jet and knock over the upright wing that is standing straight up with a few attacks. Once that is down, change to Swampfire and use your Special attack to launch some fireballs across the gap in order to hit the wing of the jet on the other side to make that wing fall down. Now you can double jump across the gap. After you are safely across the gap, you can exit the doors of the hangar. This area is filled with old, broken down jets and planes and you will need to use each one as a platform to avoid falling into the burning oil on the ground. Jump across the planes until you reach the large metal doors. These doors lead to a canyon path below the missile silos. Now you can make your way up the ledges, towards the base of the first silo. There will be ramps that you will need to jump up to in order to reach the elevator that will take you to the top of the silo where you take control of Gwen. Gwen is tasked with closing the doors to the missile silos. This will prevent the missiles from launching so that Ben can make his way across the tops of the silos. You will need to make your way to the Mission Control Room. Once you make it to the Mission Control Room, you will need to complete another puzzle. This one involves pressing the red button at the end of a row of consoles. When you press the red button, the camera will zoom out and display the order that you need to press the yellow buttons in that row. Once you press all the yellow buttons in that row in the order that was shown, it will close one of the hatches to a missile silo. Repeat this for all four rows and another cut scene will display. After the cut scene, you will take control of Ben again. As Ben, you will need to make your way across the tops of the missile silos. You will need to use Big Chill in order to make it from one silo to the next when there is no bridge between them. There will be a current of air flowing upwards, just float across it as Big Chill. After you've crossed all of the silos, you will need to jump down a few ledges and then you will be stopped. Once you reach the large cliff that can't be crossed, another cut scene will take place that leads into you controlling Gwen again. As Gwen, you will need to make your way outside to the radar dishes. There will be three radar dishes aimed at a large crystal which creates a beam of energy that is shooting up in the air. You will need to destroy the transformers that are powering each of the radar dishes in order to stop the beam. Once all three transformers are destroyed, you will take control of Ben again. You will need to jump from platform to platform quickly to make it to the cliff on the other side. Once you make it to the other side, head towards the tunnel. On the other side you'll meet...

Boss Battle - Vulkanus

Vulkanus has a few attacks in his arsenal that you will need to look out for. He will perform a flamethrower attack that will burn you if you're caught in it. There is a charge that he will do quite often that is hard to avoid. If you're in Ben form, you can roll out of the way, or if you're Swampfire you can use the Dig It (Light, Heavy) attack to go underground and avoid the hit. If you get too close he'll punch you or club you with his gun. He will also shoot the missiles if you hang out by one of them for too long.

Use whichever alien form you are most comfortable with and just keep damaging him until the job is done. Some things to be aware of: Big Chill's Freezing Blast combo can knock Vulkanus on his back, which can give you some time to breathe. Jet Ray's ranged attacks can target the missiles littering the battlefield, which do a decent amount of damage to Vulkanus. Knock him out and the component is up for grabs!
Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 Between two planes in the section where the airplanes are on fire.
Plumber's Badge 2 On the ledge to the right, before ascending the cliffs to the first missile silo.
Alien Tech Boost In the alcove behind the last fight before Vulkanus
Chrono Crystal Boost Between the two planes in the first hangar.

Level 4 - A Few Bad Eggs

The Hatchery level is quite scenic. It starts off on a road coming out of a mountain, and takes Ben to a residential district. The first group of enemies you encounter in this area are called the Xenocites. Xenocites are ugly little alien critters that can jump a short distance to latch on and bite you and your alien forms. These guys are annoying enemies, especially when there are more than one. Use Swampfire's Ring of Fire attack (Heavy, Light, Special), if you have if unlocked, and you'll have no problem defeating all the Xenocites in the encounter. If you don't have Ring of Fire available, use an alien form with quick attacks, like Big Chill's Double Punch Combo (Light, Light) and deal with them one by one.

Once you come to the end of this road, you must change into a suitable alien form to jump across a broken bridge. Jet Ray can make it from section to section with ease. While on the broken bridge, you run into DNAlien Workers. With the use of their handy Crop Circle Maker gun, they can freeze you and most of your alien forms for several seconds at a time, leaving you completely vulnerable. Removing these DNAlien Workers should become your top priority when they appear on the battlefield.

Making your way past the broken bridge, you find yourself in a residential district. The residential district is full of DNAlien Workers and Xenocites. After a long trek through the residential area, you must jump from the top of a car, up to an awning, and ultimately up to the rooftops of the industrial district. Big Chill, with his lofty jumps, works great here.

On the rooftops, you are introduced to the DNAlien Soldier, a nasty alien with a spit attack that stuns you very briefly, and a claw attack for close range. Be careful, these DNAlien Soldiers are stronger than the Workers, but not as annoying. If there are DNAlien Workers teamed up with the Soldiers, take out the Workers first, because after the Workers freeze you, the DNAlien Soldiers will use their stronger claw attack to break you free.

Once you get to the end of the industrial district, your path will take you to a large building with a fountain in front of it. Destroy the top of the fountain, and you'll find a hidden path leading to the secret hatchery underground. While making your way along the hatchery, you'll come across a room of pistons. Jump from piston to piston to make it across. Shortly after that, you come across an air vent room, where you need to use Big Chill to float across to the other side.

At the end of the hatchery, you'll comes across a Time Switch Puzzle. In it, you must press all three of the switches in the room. Each time you press a switch the timer is set to 30 seconds. After pressing the first and second button, you must fight a group of enemies in order to gain access to the next button. Defeat each wave and press all three buttons to complete the level.

Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 In between the last two sections of the broken bridge before the suburbs.
Plumber's Badge 2 Between the second and third pistons in the hatchery.
Alien Tech Boost In Swampfire's secret area; burn the logs at the circle drive to gain access.
Chrono Crystal Boost On top of the car before the first rooftop.

Level 5 - Plumber Trouble

In this level you'll get to learn just how much fun spelunking with DNAliens truly is. The caves are infested with the DNAliens! From the little Xenocites to the ruthless DNAlien Commanders. This is a great place to put area-affecting combos like Big Chill's Spiked (Special, Heavy) to use. After dealing with the first few DNAlien Soldiers you'll come across several falling stalactites. Jump from one stalactite to the next, waiting until each has fallen before you try to jump to the next. You'll come across a pipe sticking out of the wall. When you approach it, a boulder will fall from the ceiling! Run along the length of pipe, drop down and keep going until you hit solid ground. There are some electric fences here that act as a security device, but they're on the fritz. Wait until they blink out and quickly move forward. You'll come across a vent. Ride the updraft it creates up to the cliff above. You'll come to a pit with some wiring along the wall. Use Spidermonkey to climb across. Don't be too afraid to explore, you can use Big Chill to get out of the pit after a brief enemy encounter, if you fall in the pit. Once you're past the pit keep going past the electric fences, down, down, down, until you find...

Boss Battle - DNAlien Kevin

Due to an attack by a Xenocite, Kevin has been DNAlienized! His powers to absorb metal, wood and stone makes this fight a truly troubling affair. You'll feel each and every hit Kevin lands on you, so keep an eye on your health, and keep your distance from Kevin when you get forced back to Ben. Swampfire and Big Chill are the only alien forms that take no damage when blocking Kevin's attacks, so if you are using them against Kevin, block when he start swingin'!

When you start to damage Kevin he'll run over to one of the change objects in the level. When he changes forms he'll heal to full health. Your primary objective should be to destroy each of these items to disable his ability to heal and shield himself.

Once you've taken out those three items, it'll just be you and Kevin. Using Big Chill will really make things easier for you, he can block and take no damage, but he really shines if you happen to have his Freezing Blast Combo (Light, Heavy, Special). Just freeze him with Big Chill's Special attack, then lay into him with Freezing Blast, he'll drop in one or two combos.

More Plumber Trouble

You've fixed Kevin, but you still need to finish the fight. Gorvan is down in the caverns somewhere and it's up to you to find him. Keep heading down, past the electric fences until you come to a set of color-changing columns.

Do not jump on these when they are red. You'll end up hurting yourself and falling off the column. Take it slow and pay attention to the colors of the columns as they change. Use Jet Ray to make this segment significantly easier. After a small fight you'll need to jump across more columns. The problem? These move up and down, so they are a double threat. If you touch one while it's red, it'll knock you off into the water, but if you stay on it too long, or try to jump on it when it is descending, it'll still drop you in the drink. Be careful and plan how you are going to move, have some patience, and stick to Jet Ray for this obstacle.

Boss Battle - Gorvan

You've finally tracked him down. Gorvan's ready for a fight, though, so don't let your guard down. He'll use everything around him to try and smash you to bits. He has several different attacks he'll use: he'll pull out two stalagmites and bash you with them, grab a rock from the ground and throw it at you (hit him while he's lugging it around and he'll drop it on his own head!), spin like a mini-whirlwind slamming into you, charge you with his massive gut, or just flat-out punch you. He can knock you out of alien forms fast, but he can't finish the job, just dodge and roll with Ben until you have enough Omnitrix Energy to transform again.

You'll probably want to stick with Jet Ray on this one. Jet Ray can jump in, get a few good hits and zip out of combat before Gorvan has enough time to land an attack on you. He also has strong ranged attacks so that when you have a clear shot you can zap him with Jet Ray's Special Attack or Cultivator (Special, Light). It's also nice that Jet Ray can outpace Gorvan when he decides to charge or spin toward you. Or you could stick to Big Chill, stay Intangible for most of the time, avoiding the hits, then freezing Gorvan temporarily, then, you'll have the chance to land a few hits. It is best to re-freeze him immediately afterwards, otherwise you'll have to turn Intangible again. If you ever run out of Omnitrix Energy, just dodge and roll with Ben until you have enough Omnitrix Energy to transform again.

Once you've finally brought the four-armed menace down you'll unlock Humungousaur! He's not very graceful, but he packs a big punch. Congratulations!

NOTE: Come back to that pit that you climbed over with Spidermonkey when you have Humungousaur. Use Humungousaur's Special to break down the right wall. Make your way through the cavern, at the end you'll find a Plumber's Badge.

Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 Toward the background in the area where stalactites drop from the ceiling.
Plumber's Badge 2 Near the exit of Humungousaur's secret area.
Alien Tech Boost In the foreground on an outcropping just before the first updraft.
Chrono Crystal Boost In an alcove half-way through the first color-changing pillar obstacles.

Level 6 - Rural Rumble

In this level you will be making your way across farmlands in order to reach the Highbreed spaceship. There are a variety of DNAlien enemies that you will come across throughout the level. There are the DNAlien Workers, DNAlien Soldiers as usual, but you'll also encounter Vulpimancer DNAliens - large beast-like aliens that run on all-fours and can shoot quills from their back. Ben used to transform into one calling it “Wildmutt”. The Pyronite DNAliens will use plenty of fire attacks and are very easily distinguished from the other DNAlien forms. There will also be a few encounters with Xenocites that, as you may have noticed, can get annoying if you completely ignore them. To begin, you must make your way through the field you start in. You'll mainly deal with DNAlien Soldiers, Workers, and Vulpimancer DNAliens on the way to the first gate. Pay attention to the Vulpimancers, if they are just sitting still they're about to fire a set of quills at you. The damage isn't much, but it adds up quickly. The enemies in this level have a wide variety of attacks and ranges of damage and damage types, make sure to break objects to fill up your Omnitrix or Health bar when you need it. Fight your way to the wooden gate and use Humungousaur to break through. After the gate is smashed, you can continue to your right, into the area around the house. Keep going until you see the red barn. There is a large tractor sitting outside the barn. You will need to hurl it into the side of the barn using Humungousaur in order to continue on your way. Switch to Humungousaur and interact with the tractor using the Special button. A very short cut scene will play showing the tractor being thrown through the wall. Once inside the barn, you will have your first encounter with the Pyronite DNAliens. They like to use a ranged fire attack, but they are no slouch when attacking up close either. Once those enemies are down, switch to Spidermonkey, and Swingshot up into the loft. From here you will need to jump out of the doors to your right. Burn the bales of hay down with Swampfire and continue on to the next gate. Once again, you will need Humungousaur to smash it. You'll make your way to a few houses, jump to the roof and then jump along the tops of the small silos to the top of the second house. Continue towards the right to reach the electrical fences. The electrical fences will hurt you if you touch them as well as knocking you backward, so you will need to maneuver your way through the openings using the correct timing and technique. The first two gates can be rolled under using Ben's Special roll. The third and fourth gates are easier to get through using Jet Ray and his double jump-dash. Watch the order that the electricity appears and disappears and time your jumps so that you can make it through undamaged. Once you make it through all the laser gates, it will seem as if you've reached a dead end, but you can lift up the large lid with Humungousaur.

From there you will be underwater as Jet Ray. Make your way to the edge of the waterfall, you can see a grassy ledge that you can jump to. Once you jump to the first one, make your way across all of these ledges and you'll reach another waterfall.

At the second waterfall, you will need to switch to Big Chill and ride the updraft that the waterfall is creating. Float up to the ledges above, and make your way across the river to the hill where the large boulders are rolling down. On your way up the hill, make a quick change into Humungousaur, his bulky frame will cause the boulders to break harmlessly against his body. Float across the gap using Big Chill and keep going until you reach the cliff wall.

Use Spidermonkey's Swingshot (Jump, Special) to make it up to the high ledge. Get to the top, and fight your way along the path until you reach the bluff overlooking the HighBreed command ship. You'll know you're in the right place because of the shack.

  • This is the location; I collected the pick up before I could get a picture.
Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 In the second silo. Use Spidermonkey's swing web then Jet Ray for access.
Plumber's Badge 2 On the cliff by the second waterfall.
Alien Tech Boost In the loft of the barn, use Spidermonkey to cross over.
Chrono Crystal Boost On top of the small silo between the two large houses.

Level 7 - Running on Autopilot

This spaceship is an enormous level, with floor after floor that you must climb to reach the control room. Along the way, you will be confronted by Xenocites, DNAlien Workers, and DNAlien Soldiers trying to block your path. With diligence, you will make it to the top!

When you start, you'll find yourself on the bottom floor of the spaceship. From here you must go to the right through the large door. Each room on the first three levels of this spaceship are remarkably similar, with large red buttons that can only be activated by Humungousaur. Activate this button and head right, through the next large door. Use Jet Ray to jump across the gaps until you reach the console. Activate the console and continue to the right, jump over the last gap and proceed through the large door. Activate the red button, and continue past the large door to your right and, ultimately, onto the elevator that will take you to the second floor.

You'll find this floor very similar to the first. Proceed through the door on the right, and activate the red button. Next, use Jet Ray to navigate past the rotating laser grid behind the switch. On the other side of the grid, you will find another red button to activate. Once activated, proceed through the door to your left, and onto the elevator, to the third floor.

The third floor only differs in the amount of buttons required to proceed to the fourth floor. From the elevator, proceed to the door on the left, and activate the button in the room located here. Now you must backtrack, and make your way to the door to the right of the elevator you just came up on. Activate the red button in this room, keep going right and activate the last button on this floor. Once it has been pressed, the door to the teleporter will open. Climb onto the teleporter, and get going!

The fourth floor is much different than the first three. Thankfully, there are no red buttons to press. Head right and use Spidermonkey to climb the blue webbed wall. Climb up to the next level, defeat the enemy encounter and take the ramp up.

On this level, you come to series of updrafts that you must navigate to get to the other side of the room. Use Big Chill to float across to the other side.

The next room you come to is a room of separate island platforms with gyroscopic rings rotating around them. Time your jumps to make it between the rings, or you might fall to you doom! Make your way across the platforms and to the other side. As you proceed to the next room, you will find a room with boiling water and three boilers, one that almost seems unreachable. Break the first two boilers, use a ranged attack, such as Swampfire's Special Attack, to break the boiler on the other side of the boiling water. This causes the water to freeze, and you can activate the second Auto Pilot switch and continue on your path.

Use Spidermonkey to climb the next blue webbed wall. This path is tediously long, but with simple concentration, you should be able to stay stuck to the wall to make it to the next area. Around the first corner you will find 3 moving energy balls. To get past these move up and in the direction opposite of where the balls are moving. Next you will come to two spinning bars of these energy balls. Move Spidermonkey quickly remembering that the bars are moving in opposite directions and you will need to switch sides as your going around them. Start at the bottom of the webbing and wind around to the top to get by. After that there will be three more, however this time the balls are moving vertically instead of horizontally. Wait until the middle ball starts moving upward then follow closely behind it until the ball on the left moves down past you. Quickly move over to the left and continue going up to get past the corner. In the final part of the climb there will be four balls constantly rotating around each other. Take note as to where the Omnitrix Experience orbs are located. These are going to be your safe zones for this place. Move to the first one then wait for an opening to get to the next. Keep this up until you get to the doorway and jump off.

After the Spidermonkey puzzle, you come to a room where you must kill enemies on an island to proceed to the next room. After making it past this room and into the next, defeat the enemies to open the teleporter door. Climb onto the teleporter, and you've made it to the fifth floor! On the fifth floor, which is most notable by the strobing orange lights located throughout most of the level. Proceed to the lower side of the screen to discover an extended bridge. This bridge will rotate until it meets up with another bridge, then they will rotate away from one another once you've gotten across to the platform. Defeat the enemies on this platform, then use the bridge that will rotate in to point to the right, allowing you to continue forward.

Past the first room with the teleporter, you'll find yourself in a room with pistons, that could easily crush you if you're not careful. Navigate through this room, using one of the more agile alien forms, like Spidermonkey or Jet Ray. You will find spots where the piston does not fall all the way. This gives you a nice place to take a breather and set your pace. After the piston room, you'll come to another large room with orange strobing lights. The most distinguishing feature in this room is the pinwheel like vents on the wall that constantly push you and your alien forms. Take this into account when fighting enemies along the way to the other side.

After the gusty, orange strobe light room, you find yourself at another piston room. The pistons are not moving and must be activated to continue past to the next area. Jump down to the lower floor, and make sure to obtain the second Plumber Badge located to the far right before activating the red button located in the center of the bottom level. Once you have activated the red button with Humungousaur, use Spidermonkey to make it to the top level, and then use Spidermonkey or Jet Ray to make it past the pistons.

On the other side of the piston room, make your way through the door to the next room. Climb the rotating stairs from platform to platform, until you reach the third teleporter. This third teleporter takes you to an elevator, that then takes you to the bridge of the spaceship. A cut scene entails and explains that you must activate the rest of the switches, located on the ceiling, by using the console located in the back of the room. This will change the gravity of the room. And now, finally, you are introduced to the brains of the operation, the final boss, the Highbreed Commander.

Boss Battle - Highbreed Commander

The Highbreed Commander packs a punch, and is too tough for you to damage. Use Jet Ray's or Spidermonkey's speed to stay away from his melee range. If you stay out of melee range, he will throw Xenocite Eggs, which are simple enough to dodge. If things get rough, break the heat exchange units (the long glass tubes with red goo located along the sides of the room) to stun the Highbreed Commander. This will give you time to flip the gravity of the room, and press a switch located on the ceiling. After you activate a switch, you must wait for the console to reactivate, which is distinguishable by it changing from red to green. Each time you activate the console you'll need to activate a switch on the ceiling. After activating all four switches on the ceiling, the console that has been managing the gravity rotates, revealing a new console. Activate it to complete the level.

NOTE: In the room just before the second Spidermonkey wall climb, you will find several tubes erected in the back. If you destroy the third one from the right, you will notice that it is filled with water. If you switch to Jet Ray and jump in you will find your self in a secret area! In here there are three rotating, electrically charged paddles. If you touch any of them at all, it will kill you. So be careful to keep your distance from them. Just follow around the first paddle and go down to the right side of it. To the right you will find a small tunnel and in this tunnel is the Alien Tech Boost. To get out, just continue to the right, go around the second paddle, and follow it around to the right side. To the right you will see another tube, swim up to it and it will take you out of the secret area.

Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 On the far right of the lower level of the second piston room.
Plumber's Badge 2 In the first area with updrafts, in the background.
Alien Tech Boost In Jet Ray's secret area, below and to the right of the first paddlewheel.
Chrono Crystal Boost Behind some boxes, to the right at the second teleporter's exit.

Level 8 - A Change in the Weather

Kevin and Gwen head off to the weather towers while Ben tries to take out the ship. What Kevin and Gwen need to do is destroy the turrets and power crystals that are controlling the force fields on the towers. Trouble is, they are infested with DNAliens of all kinds. You will start with Kevin. He will be relying heavily on finding a change object, in order to take down the DNAlien forces. Have Kevin continue through the level and you will come to a clearing with three crystals that have cables attached to them leading to a large turret. Shut down the turret by destroying each of these large crystals and head on to the next obstacle: an electrical barrier. Destroy the crystal attached to that and you'll be able to move on through. Just around the corner you'll find another clearing with a large turret in the background. Like before, you'll need to destroy each of the three crystals powering the turret to shut it down. When you're finished, continue to the right and you'll find two crystals. With one of them behind an electrical fence, you will need to destroy the one outside the fence to shut off the electricity. When the power is out you can destroy the second crystal, which will take you to where Gwen is. You will need to be cautious as you play with Gwen. Without her shield active she takes heavy damage. As you progress to the right you will come to a large gap in the path. Don't let looks fool you, Gwen's double jump will allow you to make it across just fine. Around the corner you will come across some turrets. Take these out just as you did with Kevin and destroy each crystal that powers the two turrets. Jump over the following gaps and make your way to another turret. Go figure. There are three crystals, destroy each of them then continue forward. You'll need to jump across a few more gaps till you find one last crystal behind a large crevice with spiked rocks. Once again, destroy the crystal. This will shut down the force field around the first tower. Ben finally shows up, guess it's time to take down those towers... Ben starts off as the massive 60-ft tall Spiked Humungousaur! In this first part, your objective is to get to the top of the tower so that you can take out part of the array. There will be rotating platforms that circle the tower to help you get to the top. On each platform of the tower you will encounter turrets. You must destroy all of these turrets on your way to the top to destroy the tower completely. Blocking is your friend here, if you find yourself in a place where you can not quickly destroy the turret, block. Also, make sure you actively collect the health that the turrets drop, don't kill yourself to get one, but keep in mind that you can't go back to Ben for health. You have to finish this climb to the top in one go. Once you've made it to the top of the tower and destroyed all of the turrets, simply Interact with the array to destroy it. In this next part you'll be making your way across to the next tower to repeat the process. Just continue across platform to platform until you find a large crystal. Destroy the crystal to break down the force field on the second tower. This will trigger the transformation into Spiked Humungousaur again. Proceed like before making your way up to the top of the tower destroying the turrets along the way. Be sure to block, there are more turrets on this tower leaving you open for more attacks. Once the second tower has been destroyed, you will make your way across to the third and final tower. Move quickly as Jet Ray or Big Chill across the moving platforms and find the crystal that you will need to destroy to bring down the final force field. On the third and final tower you are once again, Spiked Humungousaur. This one will be even more difficult than the previous one. As well there will be two turrets on the ground itself. Be sure to find and take out all of the turrets as you are making your way to the top of the tower. Destroy the last tower, and the threat of the DNAliens forces is eliminated! Or is it?

Pick Up Location
Plumber's Badge 1 After the first electric fence in Kevin's first section.
Plumber's Badge 2 In the air before the giant crystal in Gwen's section.
Alien Tech Boost Between the first and second Weather Towers, on the semicircle platform closest to the screen after the first floating grey circular platform.
Chrono Crystal Boost Between the second and third Weather Towers, on the semicircle platform closest to the screen before the first floating grey circular platform.

Enemy Line-Up

The Forever Knights

Forever Knight
Forever Knight AF game The basic Forever Knight's attacks are slow, predictable and don't do much damage but they have a long reach. These basic units are not very fast, leaving them vulnerable to swift attacks. Jet Ray's beam attacks are very effective against the Forever Knights Armor making him the perfect alien form to use. '
Toughness 1
Strength 2
Ranged 0
Melee 1
Speed 2

Heavy Forever Knight
Heavy forever knight AF game The Heavy Forever Knights are tougher and more resistant to attack than their basic counterparts. The Heavy Forever Knights also have a ranged attack that is hurled from their weapon that is enough to make you see stars, so watch out. They pack a bigger punch and are slightly faster than the basic units making them more aggressive in battle. '
Toughness 2
Strength 2
Ranged 1
Melee 2
Speed 1

Laser Lance Forever Knight
Laser lance forever knight AF game Laser Forever Knights carry a laser energy gun that can fire off beams of laser light that can also be used as a club in close combat. They have slightly more health than the basic Forever Knight. Defeat these Forever Knights first, eliminating the background damage when fighting melee units. '
Toughness 2
Strength 2
Ranged 4
Melee 1
Speed 2

Mounted Forever Knight
Mounted forever knight AF game Mounted Forever Knights are the largest unit in the Forever Knights and have a powerful Energy Lance that can hit you from far away. After a few hits their mechanical mount will explode, bucking the rider. After the fireworks, they are just a basic Forever Knight with very low HP. Use a ranged attack to take these guys out, then hit them while they're down. '
Toughness 2
Strength 3
Ranged 0
Melee 3
Speed 4

Forever Knight Ninja
Forever knight ninja AF game The Forever Knight Ninja are the most elite unit in the Forever Knight clan. They are heavy damage dealers an have unmatched speed. With more HP than the Heavy Forever Knights and fast attacks, these enemies are by far the hardest to defeat. They are agile and are constantly on the move, dodging ranged attacks and breaking your combos. '
Toughness 2
Strength 2
Ranged 1
Melee 4
Speed 4

The Pickaxe Aliens

Pickaxe Alien Brawler
Pickaxe alien brawler AF game The Pickaxe Alien Brawlers are a smaller enemy and may look wimpy, but they are very fast attackers. Swampfire's fire attacks are most effective against the Pickaxe Aliens, so hurl fireballs and use his jump attacks. For large groups use attacks such as the Ring of Fire combo (Heavy, Light, Special). '
Toughness 1
Strength 2
Ranged 0
Melee 4
Speed 4

Pickaxe Alien
Pickaxe alien AF game The Pickaxe Aliens wield a pickaxe that they use to attack the player with greater damage. These units require the same strategy as the Brawlers, lots of fire and keep the numbers low. The Pickaxe Aliens are also short, it can be difficult to hit them with a melee attack. '
Toughness 2
Strength 3
Ranged 0
Melee 3
Speed 3

Pickaxe Alien Blaster
Pickaxe alien blaster AF game These Pickaxe Aliens have specially-modified pickaxes that can fire energy blasts from a distance, as well as... being normal pickaxes that they can hit you with. The Ranged variant is the most dangerous type of Pickaxe Alien. They will try and stay in the background and shoot their lasers at you so counter that with some fireballs of your own. '
Toughness 2
Strength 2
Ranged 3
Melee 2
Speed 2

The DNAliens

Xenocite AF game Xenocites are quick and agile. They will jump at you from a distance and strike while flying through the air. The best strategy for these little buggers is to fight speed with speed. Jet Ray can lash out as fast as they can or faster. Just his Claw Whip combo (Light, Heavy) and you can hit them as they jump at you. '
Toughness 1
Strength 1
Ranged 0
Melee 1
Speed 4

DNAlien Worker
DNA alien worker AF game DNAlien Workers are the least powerful type of DNAlien, but they still can be a challenge to defeat. Their Crop Circle Maker guns will freeze you from well outside of melee range, so take down the DNAlien Workers by getting up close to them before they have the chance. If you do happen to get frozen try and wriggle free by moving from side to side rapidly. '
Toughness 1
Strength 3
Ranged 2
Melee 3
Speed 2

DNAlien Soldier
DNA alien soldier AF game DNAlien Soldiers are the melee versions of the DNAlien Workers. They do have a ranged spit attack, but their clawed hands serve them better for damage. When dealing with a DNAlien Soldier, take them out quickly: Use Jet Ray to get into melee range and defeat before they have a chance to react. '
Toughness 1
Strength 3
Ranged 2
Melee 3
Speed 2

DNAlien Commander
DNA alien commander AF game DNAlien Commanders are the most powerful type of DNAlien. They're predominately ranged attackers, using their blaster pistols to fire at Ben. Once they are in melee combat they will attack you with their claws and club you with their pistol. Use the same strategy against these guys as you used on the DNAlien Soldiers: take them out quickly. '
Toughness 2
Strength 4
Ranged 3
Melee 2
Speed 3

Pyronite DNAlien
Pyronitednalien Pyronite DNAliens are Heatblast aliens that have been DNALienized. They will spit balls of flaming goop at you that will catch you on fire, causing damage over time. Fight fire with ice. Big Chill is a great help when taking out these guys. He is immune to catching on fire, and this will put you onto an equal ground with the Pyronite DNAliens. '
Toughness 2
Strength 3
Ranged 4
Melee 3
Speed 3

Vulpimancer DNAlien
Vulpimancerdnalien Vulpimancer DNAliens are like DNAlien Bulldozers. They are incredibly strong, they have quills they shoot from their spiny back. As well as large clawed hands they can swipe Ben down with. When fighting the Vulpimancer keep to the high ground. Whether that's using the brute force of Humungousaur or the jump attacks of Big Chill, stick to a form you are comfortable with. '
Toughness 2
Strength 4
Ranged 4
Melee 4



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