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Ben's Dog
Ben dog (3)
General Information
Species German Shepherd Dog
Home World Earth
Residence House in Bellwood (formerly)
A farm upstate
Affiliations Tennyson Family
Occupation(s) Pet
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Can recognize Ben in alien form
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Hearing
Relatives Ben Tennyson (owner)
Carl Tennyson (owner)
Sandra Tennyson (owner)
Alias Ben's Dog
First Appearance Goodbye and Good Riddance

Ben's dog is a pet dog who lives in his house.

The dog is a German Shepherd, which is not chained and roams freely around the house. It recognized Cannonbolt to be Ben.


The dog only appears in the final episode of Ben 10, Goodbye and Good Riddance, but this episode happened in an alternate timeline.

However, it was confirmed by Dwayne McDuffie that Ben's dog does exist in the Main Timeline.

According to Matt Wayne, Ben's parents sent the dog to live on a farm upstate where he could run and play with the other farm dogs.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Ben's dog, just like Ship, and Zed, can sense if someone is attempting to be deceptive.

Ben's dog can also recongize its owner even if he is in alien form.


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