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Ben's Team
General Information
Creator Ben 10
Other Info
Notable Members Ben 23
Tetrax Shard
Allies Ben 10
Blarney T. Hokestar
Relative Groups The Plumbers
Objectives Protect Earth and teach Ben 23 about how to properly use his powers.
First Appearance Store 23

Ben 23's Team is an team composed by Ben 23, Azmuth, Tetrax Shard and Sevenseven. It was created by Ben 10 in Store 23.


The team was formed after Ben 10 convinced Azmuth to give Ben 23 a second chance at being the wielder of the Omnitrix.

The team's main objective is to work together to counter and deal with various alien threats on Earth and the secondary objective is to train Ben 23 and give him the valued lessons, morals, and skills that Grandpa Max of this dimension was unable to teach Ben 23 before he died.

Notable Members

Main Members


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