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Can't see the tabs? See here for the Original Series team, here for the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien team, here for the Omniverse team, here for the future team or here for the Dimension 23 team.

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  • Why Ben & his Friends don't hate Albedo a lot?

    3 messages
    • because there no need to hate him,he been punished quit a few time for his crimes, the gang probably find him annoying.
    • And probabilty that Albedo tends to go after Azmuth rather than Ben or his friends.
  • How many team members should there be?

    2 messages
    • What number of team members is better-two or three? Two referring to Rook and Ben, three referring to Ben/Gwen/Kevin OR Ben/Gwen/Max. 
    • both are good - having a bigger team can make for more story posabilities but having more charachters also means you have to work to fit story ...