Ben's House appears in many episodes of Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse.

The house belongs to the Tennyson family - Sandra, Carl and Ben.


Ben's Room

Goodbye and Good Riddance Timeline

  • Ben's Room in the Original Series
  • Ben's Room in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien
  • Ben's Room in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien (Depicted in Omniverse)
  • Ben's Room in Omniverse
  • Ben's Room in the Omniverse Flashback
In the Future, Ben's room shows a dull beige color on everything. He has a few model aircraft hanging from the celling, with a few posters on the wall.  He has a bookself above a desk near his bed, and his bed is positioned underneath his window.

Before Ben cleans it, it's a mess, covered with papers and clothes strewn about.

Main Timeline

In Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, Ben's room is in a constant mess. It has one window and a door. Next to the window is a bed and above, bookshelves. On the right side of the bed is a table with a computer and a shelf of prizes and books. In front of the desk and the bed is a built-in wall wardrobe. Ben also has a TV. The walls are adorned with various posters.

In Omniverse, Ben's room layout is quite different, but still pretty messy. He has two tattered alien flags (the green flag being an Incursean flag and the red flag being a Tetramand flag[1]) hanging from his celling, with a various assortment of action figures and posters lined on the walls. A Mr.Smoothy poster hangs above his bed, with a Sumo Slammer poster right next to it. His bed is still beneath his window, to the right. He has multiple Mr. Smoothy cups stacked up near his nightstand, with clothes littering the floor, and his old Alien Force/Ultimate Alien jacket hanging from the wall. His computer is underneath the window.

Living Room

Ben's Home 004

Living Room in Omniverse

The living room is large. In the middle is a coffee table, a sofa and an armchair. Behind the sofa is another table. On the other side there is a television, game console and a radio with headphones. The team often stays in this place and watch television in their free times.


Ben's Home 022

Kitchen in Ultimate Alien

The kitchen is very small and usually not shown in the series. The room has a stove, refrigerator, sink, and a few shelves.

Dining Room


Dining room in Omniverse.

Like the kitchen, the dining room is very small and there was only shown in Goodbye and Good Riddance, Grounded, and O Mother, Where Art Thou?. It has a large table in the middle with three chairs. There are also shelves and phone.

Parents' Room

Ben's Home 017

Parents' Bedroom in Ultimate Alien

The parents' room had episodic appearance in Night of the Living Nightmare in Ben's dream.

Garage and Basement

The garage and basement had episodic appearance in Grounded and The Eggman Cometh.


Original series

In Goodbye and Good Riddance, Ben returned home after summer. Vilgax later attacked and destroyed the house.

Alien Force

In Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, Ben came home to find the Omnitrix.

In Good Copy, Bad Copy, Ben and Julie were studying at Ben's house.

In Grounded, Ben was grounded and kept at home until he broke out as Humungousaur.

Ultimate Alien

In Fame, Ben, Gwen and Kevin were watching TV.

In Hit 'Em Where They Live, Max defended Sandra from Sevenseven.

In The Eggman Cometh, Ben and the team battled some mutant chickens in his house.

In Night of the Living Nightmare, in a dream, Ben was attacked by a Cassiopeian Dream Eater and a DNAlien. In reality, Albedo has come to the house to infect Ben with the Cassiopeian Dream Eater, but was infected himself. In this episode, Ben mentions that their neighbors are called Mr. and Mrs. Washington.


In Special Delivery, Ben was attacked by Thunderpig at home. It was also shown in a flashback 10 and a half years ago, when Ben first moved in.

In Rules of Engagement, Looma visited the house to meet Sandra, until she was defeated by the team.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


  • In some episodes, Ben has a room where the kitchen lies, but in Night of the Living Nightmare, when Ben leaves the room to find a DNAlien in the living room, he just comes out of the room at the end of the living room.