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Baz-el af
General Information
Species Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Occupation(s) Atmosphere Surveyor
Treasure Hunter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Merging with Technology
Upgrading Technology
Techno Mimicry
Enhanced Strength
Relatives Ship (son)
Alias A Total Weasel (Ben's team)
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen
First Appearance Pier Pressure

Baz-El is a Galvanic Mechamorph who first appeared in Pier Pressure.


Alien Force

Baz-El first appeared in Pier Pressure, where he crashed and spawned a symbiote named Ship to find help. Ship managed to follow a signal from the Omnitrix, and tried to get Ben's attention. He destroyed most of the pier and kidnapped Julie, only to be followed by Jetray. Ship then reveals that Baz-El was trapped in his ship while it was in self-destruct mode. He was saved by Humungousaur, and revealed Ship's reason for kidnapping Julie and bringing her to him: he wanted help from a Plumber. Before he left, he allowed Ship to stay with Ben and Julie.

In Vreedle, Vreedle, Baz-El hired the Vreedle Brothers to retrieve Ship, wanting to capitalize on Ship's role in the defeat of the Highbreed. He appeared in court where he lost the trial on who kept Ship.

Ultimate Alien

In Eye of the Beholder, Ship was in an effort to rescue him, Baz-El reveals that he has a job scanning the atmosphere of various planets, and makes money on the side by stealing artifacts from the planets he visits which is how he earned the scorn of the inhabitants of the planet. He also revealed that, despite Ship being his son, he would sell him on the black market like the artifacts he stole, and proves himself to be very selfish.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


  • Baz-El is regarded as a "total weasel" by the team in his last two appearances.

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