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Baron Highway

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Baron Highway
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Road Crew
Occupation(s) Road Pirate
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Rust Bucket (formerly)
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance Ben 4 Good Buddy

Baron Highway is the leader of the Road Crew that appeared in the episode Ben 4 Good Buddy.

Baron and the Road Crew would prowl a desert road and steal vehicles then dismantle them and sell the parts on the black market, leaving their victims to live in a settlement in the desert when the Tennyson's interrupted one of their attempts they decided to steal the Rust Bucket.

Baron, Turbine, and Road Rage stole the Rust Bucket and modified it with a stolen missile to destroy a new highway which would leave them out of a job. However the Tennysons interrupted this attempt resulting in Baron deciding to use the Rust Bucket's weapon systems to destroy the highway personally; but, Ben used the Rust Bucket's many quirks to stop him.


Ben 10


  • Baron's name is based on the words "barren highway".
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