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Barbershop Blues

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Barbershop Blues
General Information
Comic Cartoon Network Action Pack
Series Ben 10
Issue Nº 12
Publisher DC
Cartoon Network
Writer Robbie Busch
M. Warburton
Ernest Mayes
Mike Spinnaraque
Artist Travis Kotzebue
Maurice Fontenot
Christopher Jones
Ricardo Garcia Fuentes
Pgs. Unknown
Price $2.25
ISBN Unknown

Barbershop Blues is a comic book in the Action Packs series.


Max takes Ben to make it a military haircut. Ben transforms into Diamondhead prior to arrival to avoid cuts, but he reverts to human before he arrives there. Once in the salon, the hairdresser reveals to have a bionic hand with integrated blades, but Ben turns into Wildmutt and manages to defeat him.



  • Hairdresser

Aliens Used


  • Includes Batman/Cal Ripken Jr. Insert comic.

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