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Barbershop Blues is a comic book in the Action Packs series.


Max takes Ben to make it a military haircut. Ben transforms into Diamondhead prior to arrival to avoid cuts, but he reverts to human before he arrives there. Once in the salon, the hairdresser reveals to have a bionic hand with integrated blades, but Ben turns into Wildmutt and manages to defeat him.



  • Hairdresser

Aliens Used


  • Max's flower patterns were missing from his shirt on the panels in the first page.
  • The cat symbol on Gwen's shirt had no eyes in one panel.
  • The Omnitrix's emblem was completely green in one panel.
  • The cat eyes on Gwen's shirt were yellow in a few panels.
  • The Omnitrix was missing from Ben's left wrist in one panel.
  • The sides of Wildmutt's Omnitrix were green in one panel.
  • Wildmutt's brace was missing in one panel.


  • Includes Batman/Cal Ripken Jr. Insert comic.