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Argit's Species

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General Information
Body Humanoid Porcupine
Powers and abilities
Abilities Sharp Quills
Paralyzing Quills
Sleep Inducing Quills
Able to stop their pulse
Enhanced Agility
First Appearance Kevin's Big Score

Argit's species are an unnamed species from an unknown planet.


The members of this species are a humanoid porcupine-like species. They are shorter than the average human. They have big yellow eyes and black quills for hair.


Pierce, half this species and half Human, had darkened skin, humanoid shape and thorns on his face and elbows.

Powers and Abilities

This species can shoot their quills, which can paralyze targets or make them fall asleep.

In The Enemy of My Enemy, it was revealed that members of this species can stop their pulses and play possum.

This species are remarkably agile, which allows them escape from many situations with ease.


Human hybrids are known to have the ability to be able to grow thorns from anywhere on their body and break them off harmlessly.

Notable Members

Notable Hybrids

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