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Anur Vladias

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Anur Vladias
General Information
Species Vladat (formerly)

Anur Vladias is a planet in the Anur System and the former home planet of the Vladats.


Anur Vladias is a vast spike filled, rocky, honeycombed network of underground cathedral cave crypts. The caverns plunge so deep into the planet's crust that they are cut off from any light.


All life was purged from the world during the Vladat extermination.

Anur Vladias is itself an undead planet. No life can exist there; not even the hardiest life - not Celestialsapiens, nor Ectonurites, nor water bears. So powerful is the undeath of the planet, merely being in its orbit will begin to drain the life force of the living.[1]

Notable Inhabitants


The title for the planet is the same as the Vladats, it comes from Vlad the Impaler, better known as Count Dracula.


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