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Anur Khufos

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Anur Khufos
Anur Khufos
General Information
Species Thep Khufan

Anur Khufos is a planet located in the Anur System.


Anur Khufos has very large amounts of a glowing, purplish metal called Corrodium, which is highly radioactive and can cause hideous mutations to other species if they are exposed to its radiation above a critical level.

Due to the extreme heat, Thep Khufans live in small dome houses.


The more well off Thep Khufans sleep in sarcophagi, the poorer Thep Khufans can't afford them. So they are a kind of status symbol among the Thep Khufan wealthy elite.[1]

Notable Inhabitants


The name of Anur Khufos is a play on 'Khufu', who was an Egyptian pharaoh.


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