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Anti-Gravity Projector

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Anti-Gravity Projector

Anti gravity character


General Information
Creator Galvan
User Polymorphs
Type Level 4/5 artificial gravity
First Appearance The Gauntlet

The Anti-Gravity Projector is Level 4 or Level 5 technology (depending on the model) invented by the Galvans.

The Anti-Gravity Projector is a small, UFO-shaped device that projects a field of artificial gravity. It was made for the Polymorphs to use when traveling to other worlds/planets.


Viscosia's gravity is weaker than most others, so if a Polymorph were to deactivate the Anti-Gravity Projector while on other planets, such as Earth, they would collapse into a puddle and be unable to move. The Anti-Gravity Projector floats above their head, allowing them to move and function as they would on Viscosia.

The Anti-Gravity Projector's effect will wear off if it gets to far away from the user, or if it gets hit hard enough. There is also a button on the top of it which can be used to deactivate it.

Anti-Gravity Projectors can be used by other species as shown in Deep.

Notable Users


Goop has an Anti-Gravity Projector so he does not get affected by strong gravity. The Ultimatrix/(OriginalOmnitrix will create another projector if the current one is lost.


Goop gave his Anti-Gravity Projector to save Piscciss and its inhabitants from destruction.


Humungoopsaur has an Anti-Gravity Projector, almost identical to Goop's. The only difference between it and Goop's current version is that Humungoopsaur's is white and does not have the Biomnitrix symbol on it.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • According to Dwayne McDuffie:
    • Anti-Gravity Projectors are like toys to Galvans.
    • Humans probably won't be able to invent something like an Anti-Gravity Projector for hundreds of years.[1]


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