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Anti-Gravity Projector

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Anti-Gravity Projector
Anti gravity character
General Information
Creator Galvan
User Polymorphs
Type Level 4/5 artificial gravity
First Appearance The Gauntlet

The Anti-Gravity Projector is Level 4 or Level 5 technology (depending on the model) invented by the Galvans.

The Anti-Gravity Projector is a small, UFO-shaped device that projects a field of artificial gravity. It was made for the Polymorphs to use when traveling to other worlds/planets.


Viscosia's gravity is weaker than most others, so if a Polymorph were to deactivate the Anti-Gravity Projector while on other planets, such as Earth, they would collapse into a puddle and be unable to move. The Anti-Gravity Projector floats above their head, allowing them to move and function as they would on Viscosia.

The Anti-Gravity Projector's effect will wear off if it gets to far away from the user, or if it gets hit hard enough. There is also a button on the top of it which can be used to deactivate it.

Anti-Gravity Projectors can be used by other species as shown in Deep.

Notable Users



Anti-Gravity Projector in Alien Force and Ulimate Alien

Goop has an Anti-Gravity Projector so he does not get affected by strong gravity. The Ultimatrix/(OriginalOmnitrix will create another projector if the current one is lost.


Goop gave his Anti-Gravity Projector to save Piscciss and its inhabitants from destruction.


Humungoopsaur has an Anti-Gravity Projector, almost identical to Goop's. The only difference between it and Goop's current version is that Humungoopsaur's is white and does not have the Biomnitrix symbol on it.


  • According to Dwayne McDuffie:
    • Anti-Gravity Projectors are like toys to Galvans.
    • Humans probably won't be able to invent something like an Anti-Gravity Projector for hundreds of years.[1]


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