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Animo Farm is the sixth episode of Ben 10.


After he disagreed to go to a corn festival with Max and Gwen, Ben finds some friends and play some football. While playing, Madcow and Boxer come in search for animal food. Ben transforms into Stinkfly, in attempt to stop them. But, the two Alphas mistake Ben for an accidental, and in prison him with four other accidentals. While stuck as Stinkfly, Ben forges a team with the other accidentals and attempt to destroy the force field that's keeping them trapped in Dr. Animo's farm, but they get stopped by the Alphas. So Ben and his team fight and defeat the alphas, and escape the farm!

Major Events

  • Stinkfly makes his debut.
  • Nugget, Minitaur, Goatadactyl, Chinzilla, Napoleon, Madcow, Boxer, and Wolfen Sheep make their debuts.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts

Character Debuts



Aliens Used


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the allegorical and dystopian novella Animal Farm. Even some of the characters are based on / named after the ones in the novel.
    • The Accidentals are similar to the four Young Pigs who complain about Napoleon's take over but are silenced.


  • This episode aired as the 10th episode in U.S.
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