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AmpFibian omniverse
General Information
Body Humanoid Jellyfish
Powers and abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Electrical Teleportation
Electrical Absorption
Electrical Redirection
Mind Reading
Enhanced Flexibility
Underwater Respiration
Stretchable Arms
First Appearance Escape from Aggregor

Amperi are a species of jellyfish-like beings from the Andromeda Galaxy.


Amperi are jellyfish-like beings. They have four tentacle-like arms and two legs. Three hood-like parts make up their head and torso, with the upper most being the head and the lower two being the torso. They are blue in color, with a white pattern covering their entire body. They are aquatic, but can survive out of water.

Powers and Abilities

Ra'ad Electricity Absorbtion

Ra'ad absorbing electricity.

Amperi are masters of the electromagnetic spectrum, with the ability to produce, absorb and redirect electricity.

Amperi can sense the electrical pulses in the brains of other life forms, allowing them to read their thoughts.

Amperi move by floating gently through the air, flying more quickly, or by becoming pure electrical current and traveling along power lines.

Amperi can breathe underwater and swim at high speeds.


If an Amperi is using electricity while only partly in water, it will shock itself.

Notable Amperis

Notable Amperi Hybrids


The name Amperi derives from the term ampere, an SI unit of electric current.

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