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    The Amalgam Kids are human kids fused with alien DNA, used for the Rooters's dirty work.


The Amalgam Kids were originally human children who were taken to the Null Void by Servantis who said that it's a place for runaways, orphans and outcasts and compared it to a summer camp. They were kept locked up until Servantis found Kevin. With Kevin's powers, Servantis was able to combine alien and human DNA, creating hybrids, After he tested it on himself, he mutated the kids too. Using Argit, a Pyronite, a Kineceleran and a Tetramand he mutated Pierce, Alan, Helen, and Manny respectively one by one.

According to Kevin, Servantis used them to do "nasty things", for example exploding a part of a prison. It was later revealed that Servantis sent them on missions as practice. One day, he told the Amalgams to find Ben Tennyson and bring him to Servantis. He called the group a "Ben 10 hit squad". However, they failed to bring Ben to him after Kevin absorbed a large portion of the Omnitrix and became insane again. Servantis called the whole project a failure. Sometime after that, Servantis wiped their memories and let them loose in the Null Void.

It's revealed that Servantis gave Max false memories, such as Devin Levin being his partner, so someone would keep an eye on Kevin. He also convinced him mentally to be a teacher of his experiments, the hybrid Plumbers' kids.

The group eventually disbanded for good after Kevin destroyed Servantis' ability to control their minds.

Notable Members


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An amalgam is a substance formed by the reaction of mercury with any other metal (with the exception of iron). It refers to the fact that they are all humans fused with alien DNA.


  • Alan is the only member who can shift between his human and alien form.
  • Their uniforms are made up of the pitch black portions of the primary Rooters' Proto-Tech armor. Of notice is the fact this portion bears great resemblance to the uniform worn by Kevin 11,000.
  • The Rooters erased their memories which is why Alan, Pierce, Manny, and Helen didn't remember Kevin, Ben, and Gwen when they met again.

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