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Alpha full
General Information
Species Nanite
Home World Earth (Rex's Universe)
Residence Null Void
Age 6
Affiliations Original Nanite Project
Occupation(s) Evolving and destroy the world
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nanite Control
Nanite Absorption
Enhanced Strength
Energy Generation
Equipment Duplicate Ultimatrix (formerly)
Relatives Nanites
Caesar Salazar (creator)
Alias Alpha Nanite
Alfalfa (Rex)
Jerkasaur (Ben)
Nanite Monster (Ben)
Voice Actor Michael Emerson
First Appearance Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United

Alpha is the main villain in Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United. He is an old nanite creation of Caesar, Rex's older brother.


  • Alpha prior his absorption of all the nanites from the Bug Jar.
  • Alpha after absorbing all the nanites from the Bug Jar.
  • Alpha after absorbing the Omega-1 Nanite.

Alpha appears to be a skinny red humanoid made of energy. His body is enveloped in a soft red glow, resembling NRG out of his containment suit or an Anodite. His face is somewhat skeletal, lacking a visible lower jaw and having small fang-like projections on either side of the "mouth", similar to Iron Man's faceplate.

After absorbing nanites from the Bug Jar, Alpha gains black armor over much of his body, which becomes bulkier and more bestial in appearance. The aura around his head intensifies into a flame-like cloud of active nanites, his face becomes more skull-like, and his shoulder armor resembles a pair of large spikes. After gaining power from the Ultimatrix, Alpha manifested a corrupted copy of the device on his right wrist.

Absorbing the Omega Nanite transformed Alpha into his ultimate form, Alpha-Omega. This form was an even more monstrous version of his previous state, giving him a multi-legged lower body resembling a crab. His head became almost demonic in appearance, with a small crystal floating between his "horns".


Alpha is a heartless, sociopathic entity, who single-mindedly seeks for his own ends, and lacks any understanding of the needs and wants of others or the moral value of others' existence. Alpha will ruthlessly and eagerly suck E.V.O.s dry of their nanites, killing them in the process, if it will help to temporarily feed and strengthen him; although he does not kill when it won't serve his aims in a significant enough way, as he disregards the opportunity to drain unmutated lifeforms whose nanites are too weak to be of use to him. Alpha regards other nanites and/or their hosts as his siblings, and his creator Caesar as his father.

As well as being ruthless, amoral and cold, Alpha is also highly intelligent, independent, adaptive and resourceful; he was able to eventually find his way from the Null Void back to his original universe by possessing a mechanical alien host, and subsequently evaded his enemies and hunted down his prey on his own, and when his efforts to extract the Omega-1 Nanite for himself initially failed, Alpha quickly calculated a new, resourceful strategy which involved mimicking the Ultimatrix in hopes that one of its alien forms could act as a sustaining host. Alpha could also be insane and arrogant, as Alpha was contemptuous of others such as Rex, considering them unworthy hosts of nanites in comparison to himself, and upon absorbing the Omega-1 to become Alpha-Omega, he bloodthirstily began destroying everything to feed himself and set about bringing about the end of humanity.

Despite his ruthless, emotionless, amoral and arrogant behavior and motivation however, Alpha did show hints of a softer side for Caesar because of how he saw the latter as his father; going after Caesar in an almost childlike manner after returning to his original universe, and hoping that Caesar would willingly help him in his goals, although when Caesar refused to help Alpha, the latter accepted his father's rejection and decided Caesar was redundant.



A very dangerous nanite entity that can take over host bodies and control and absorb machines, by using the Nanites found within them. It was programmed by Caesar to think for itself so it could perform it's original task: control the Nanites so they could do their job. However Alpha's energy form is unsustainable, every mechanical body it built burnt out extremely fast.

CARE1011291100011530 022 1280x720

When it tried to take a biological body, Ceasar was forced to use the equivalent to a Null Void Projector to fire Alpha into what he thought was a empty pocket dimension. However, unknown to Caesar, Alpha was sent to the Null Void, an artificial space created for intergalactic criminals, where it came into contact with alien technology that utilized a dimensional-equivalent to nanites for power that it would use to return to world once more in pursuit of his "father" Caesar in order to become whole again.

However something went wrong in the warp and accidentally pulled Ben Tennyson to his world as a result. When he arrived in New York, Alpha was curious about the existence of nanites in the humans and creatures he saw, but was immediately attacked by Six before he could find out more from Caesar. The mechanical body he had acquired was immediately destroyed, severely wounding Six in the explosion as the Alpha escaped in the confusion to continue after Caesar.

Heroes United

Discovering that Ceasar refused to help him find a body that could sustain itself it instead went after Rex whose body contained a Omega 1 nanite, potentially the only device in existence that could create a body that can sustain itself. Ben and Doctor Holiday were able to ward Alpha off forcing it seek a alternate source of nanites. Alpha attacked the Bug Jar and absorbed every nanite inside.

Needing more power it hacked and copied the Ultimatrix giving it the power to turn into E.V.O. versions of Ben's aliens. With this Alpha was able to grab Rex and absorb the Omega 1 nanite in his body converting massive amounts of matter into more nanites. With this Ben used Upgrade to merge with Rex and severely damage Alpha.

Alpha Nanite-sphere

Following this skirmish, Ceasar arrived on the scene and used a contraption to extract the Omega 1 from Alpha, and Rex took control over Alpha's nanites and compacted him into a baseball sized ball of extremely dense matter. Ben took the ball and dumped it into the Null Void on his way back to his own Earth. Inside the Null Void, Alpha's prison begins to crack open.

Powers and Abilities

  • Alpha Heatblast
  • Alpha Four Arms
  • Alpha Humungousaur
  • Alpha's Ultimatrix

Alpha's made of a non-organic compound, and is capable of taking over living bodies and taking control of machines, including the ability to drain nanites from E.V.O.s, thus turning them to dust including the absorption of machines. He absorbed the powers of:

  • Ultimatrix (formerly)
  • E.V.O.s
  • Rex Salazar
  • Omega-1 Nanite (formerly)

When he absorbed the Ultimatrix for the first time, it went haywire and shut down for a while. When it was absorbed a second time, it shut down again, but not before Alpha used the passive nanites that Ben had acquired to scan and create its own version of the Ultimatrix. Like the real Ultimatrix, it had the gauntlet-shaped body and normal appearance, but also having root-like veins stretched across the surface and the hourglass being colored red instead of green, indicating that it was powered by the Nanites that Alpha had recently absorbed from the Bug Jar. It is not known if it still possessed this ability after Rex removed some of its nanites, as the Ultimatrix was no longer on his wrist. With his Ultimatrix, Alpha turned into far more powerful E.V.O. versions of the following aliens:




  • When he transformed into Alpha-Omega, his face looks similar to the face of Grand Zamboa, a galaxy-sized construct piloted by the main antagonist from the popular anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • He uses Godzilla's roar from the Godzilla movies multiple times.
  • Alpha's energy form is similar to Cynder.

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