Ben 10 Omniverse: Alien Unlock is a CN game in which you need to guess the aliens name to unlock level 1 and then find codes in other levels to unlock the next level and so on.

Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

Powers and Abilities


  • Attack 1: Hitting an enemy with his arm.
  • Attack 2: Shield.
  • Special Attack: Hitting with hammer arms to the enemy.


  • Attack 1: Hitting the enemy with an energy electricity.
  • Attack 2: Shooting electric energy blasts to the enemy.
  • Special Attack: Shooting full electricity energy beam to the enemy.


  • Attack 1: Punching an enemy with electricity.
  • Attack 2: Electric attack.
  • Special Attack: Shooting electricity beam from his mouth.

Four Arms

  • Attack 1: Punching the enemy.
  • Attack 2: Grabbing a punch sign then hit it with an enemy.
  • Special Attack: Smashing to the floor.


  • Attack 1: Shooting fire on his left hand.
  • Attack 2: Shooting both fires on his both hands.
  • Special Attack: Blasting pyrokinesis.


  • Attack 1: Punching an enemy.
  • Attack 2: Rolling to hit the enemy.
  • Special Attack: Rolling and targeting the enemy.


  • Attack 1: Shooting gravikinesis to back the enemies off.
  • Attack 2: Shooting fire.
  • Special Attack: Attacking and spinning enemies in his orbit form.


  • Attack 1: Punching an enemy.
  • Attack 2: Shooting crystal shards.
  • Special Attack: Smashing to the floor with crystals.

Rook Blonko

  • Attack 1: Shooting a laser.
  • Attack 2: Shooting a laser with a bow.
  • Special Attack: Blasting a rocket bullet.



  • While playing as Ben, his "10" on his shirt is missing.
  • Strangely, Feedback look like his 11 years old self.
  • In Feedback's level, Argit is large.
  • Four Arms' mustache, black stripe, and his clothes were grey instead of black.
    • The gloves also too while running.
  • In Four Arms' level, Psyphon is somehow smaller.
  • Heatblast's back was mistaken.
  • Gravattack have four small rocky parts on his shoulders.
    • In his orbit form, some of the dark parts went missing.
  • In Rook's level, Rook is larger than Max.

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