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Aldabra is a peaceful planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Aldabra is an idyllic world of lush, green, grassy, rolling hills, speckled with tall, willowy trees that sway in the gentle breezes of Aldabra's year-round temperate climate.


According to Galapagus, Aldabra has really pleasant weather.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Aldabra was first seen in a flashback in Escape from Aggregor. Aggregor invaded Aldabra to find a Geochelone Aerio. He abducted Galapagus and took him from Aldabra.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors


Aldabra is named after the "Aldabra Atoll", a group of islands home to one of the largest species of turtles on Earth, the "Aldabra Giant Tortoise."

Aldabra is also the name of an atoll in the Indian Ocean and is one of the sites which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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