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Agent Six

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Agent Six
Six (Ben 10)
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth (Rex's Universe)
Affiliations Providence Defect Group
Occupation(s) Agent
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Martial Arts
Equipment Magna Blades
Alias Agent Six
Voice Actor Wally Kurth
First Appearance Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United

Agent Six is a Human from an alternate universe currently operating against the reformed Providence led by Black Knight. He appears in Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United.


Agent Six has short dark brown hair and a soul patch. He wears a pair of sunglasses and a battle-suit colored with different shades of green.


Rex Salazar is sparring with Agent Six when they receive a warning about an anomaly in Central Park. Six arrives on a ship with Bobo and Rex. They seek Alpha around the city and Six fights with hats in a skyscraper. Two agents of Providence escape and then Alpha interrupts and attacks one of the ships of Providence. Six chases and peels the top of the ship, he takes a nitrous armor and hands it over to Dr. Holiday. Alpha manages to throw Six into the street over some cars and destroys his armor leaving him in a coma. Later on, Six wakes up in time for Rex, sometime after the departure of Ben and they have a talk that Rex may see Ben sooner than he thinks.

Powers and Abilities

Agent Six carries a pair of katanas which he uses to combat and to complement his incomparable agility and skill. He is capable of dealing with extremely fast or strong attacks with great agility, dodging attacks from Rex's arms and tentacles of Alpha robotic suit.

His swordsmanship is such that he could cut through layers of balls of compressed cement which Rex was shooting at him (with his gun) in mid-air during their training session, with layers cut in half accurately and using them to trip Rex. His agility is such that he is​​ able to jump between buildings and ships of Providence in search of Alpha.

He was able to survive the explosion of the Alpha suit, though it put him in a coma.



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