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Bounty hunters

So, if the bounty hunters were firt seen in reboot season 1 helping ben, why were they capturing him for a bounty in reboot season 2? If you have not seen the two episodes yet check out ben 10 YouTube channel or you can see season 1 on Netflix!
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Whats this little guy's name?

Look at this little Celestialsapien anyone know his name?
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Who would win

Four arms or cannonbolt
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien :- The Movie

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Can Ben 10 Transform Into

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Can Biomnitrix Aliens Transform Into

Ultimate Aliens
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Different series Omnitrix

So. Let's say you got an Omnitrix that had 1 creature from different series. What creatures would you want those 10 to be. Give the species name, the franchise the creature is from, the character you are basing it off, and the hero name. I will give you mine as an example.

1: Klyntar/Marvel/Venom is overused for the Klyntar scan so I am gonna go with the Omitrix scanned Carnage Riot/and the hero name will be Absorption.

2: Shark/Junji Ito, specifically his manga series GYO/the shark from GYO/the name would be Stenchfang.

3: Scolipede/Pokemon/Scolipede/ the name would be Ragipede, a mix of Rage and Centipede.

4: Quirked human/My Hero Academia/Bakugo/the name would be Kaboom.

5: Titan/Marvel/Thanos/the name would be Gauntlet.

6: Fairy/Fairly Odd Parents/Jorgan Von WStrangle/the hero name would be Magimuscle.

7: SCP/SCP/SCP-682/the hero name would be Deathtile, as in Death Reptile. This alien and me would fight for control after turning into this alien.

8: Experiment/DC/Doomsday/The name would be Thrash

9: Bio-android/Dragon Ball Z/Cell/the name would be Brawlg, a mix of Brawl and Bug.

10: Avatar/Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra/Korra/Elemental.

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Dear Brian

We Celestialsapien-x forgot to inform you that the woman must be under 43 year of age in human years I hope you find this message well

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When did Gwen display the power of Object Creation/Dissipation??

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What if

Suppose vilgax didn't absorb dagon's powers, how do you think the battle would turn out?
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Tell me the best couples of Ben 10 TV show.

For me I think Ben and Kai are best couples.
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If all agree

I say if we all agree to reset the current Ben's life and get rid of Ben SECOND
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If Gwen and Kevin were to have a kid, and Gwen is 3/4 Human and 1/4 Anodite and Kevin is apparently 100% Osmosian from what I've read from his article page, what percentage of Anodite/Osmosian would their offspring be?

Carl/Frank = 1/2 Anodite (without the spark)

Ben/Ken/Gwen = 1/4 Anodite (two without the spark, one with the spark)

Gwen and Kevin's kid = ??

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